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    My General Research Point Efficient Thaumcraft Research Technique

    Before you ask: Yes, I do know that there's a website that does this for you. However, this is for those who actually want to do the work, but don't want to waste valuable research points (and don't have the nifty Deconstruction Table yet) on trial and error. And, better yet, this process will...
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    About the Myriad Reality Roleplay

    So, I thought I'd give a shot and explaining the concept of this RP I occasionally mention, Myriad Reality: ... ality.266/ So, Myriad Reality, in essence, is an RP of a multiverse, where anything and everything is possible. The characters are a set of...
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    I'm sure most of you have heard of the doge meme. Here is an example of a typical doge post. wow so doge much cute very nose such breed Basically, you start with wow and choose from a set of predetermined words: so, much, very, and such. You must use poor grammar, so instead of so cute, much...
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    TConstruct Floating Slime Pools

    One word: WHY!?!?!?!?! I'm trying to make a Skyblock map in 1.5.2 and I don't know how to make it all void with a block. So, I made bedrock with 10 layers of lava. Unfortunately, these slime pools keep spawning in my empty air. How do I fix this? I searched the TConstruct and Natura configs for...
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    Google Plus and Names

    Google Plus can be disappointing sometimes. Apparently, my name is not a "valid" name. Jonathan Spirit. I don't see anything wrong with that name at all. Possibly, it looks at Spirit as a dictionary word and not a valid last name and so turns it down. I'm making an appeal. Anyone else have this...
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    The Stanley Parable Mindblowing. The Stanley Parable is a game of which I cannot describe. If anyone can perform the feat of successfully describing it, I applaud them.
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    The Ultimate Breeding Flow Chart Compedium

    I'm finally on this project again. Scrapped the old thread because I can't find it and can't be bothered to look any longer. This is... The Ultimate Breeding Flow Chart Compendium for Those Who Can't Memorise Every Breeding Recipe by Heart and Don't Want to Use NEI Addons and Like Flow Charts...
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    Neptune's Pride 2 Check it out. It's amazing. For co-op game requests, post here. Description: A non-realtime strategy game that requires minimal time per day to play. Capture half the stars in your galaxy to win. You can build fleets of ships to capture enemy stars and create an...
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    iOS 7: What do you think?

    Just came out at 6 PM here in the UK and I'm super excited. It just finished downloading and I'm playing around with it. It's pretty nice and easy to navigate, but a bit slow. Some of the buttons take a while to activate. I'm sure this'll get fixed quickly though! What are your thoughts...
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    The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

    Welcome to yet another new RP, this one fully based around a book series: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. Rules: 1. You can only be as powerful as the limits of the book. You can't be an Earthlord or an Archon or whatever. 2. You kind of have to have read at least one of the books...
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    Camp Mythology RP

    Welcome to Camp Mythology! This camp includes Norse, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology. If you wish to add another mythology category, please ask me (Whizz). There are four leaders at this camp, Percy, Annabeth, Carter, and Sadie. I will not have a camper in this RP, so as not to facilitate...
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    TC3 Essence Cheat Sheet replacement

    NOTICE: As the maker of this thread is no longer active on these forums, I am making a replacement: ASPECT CHEAT SHEET BY SHATTFORTE (Only lists best items to use, not all) _________________________________________________ EXAMPLE: Aspect (Type): Item (Points) (BEST)...
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    Sky Quest

    You remember the mod used in FTB Insanity that made it so that chunks didn't generate? Is there anything else like that? Thanks!
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    Installing mods on CreeperHost

    Does anyone know where I can find the CreeperHost Server File directory? I can't seem to find it on the control panel. Thanks!
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    What's that game FTB was involved in?

    Yes, this is General FTB stuff. What was the game that FTB was involved in and made a kickstarter for?
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    RedLogic by Immibs Immibis makes yet another temporary replacement. I like this because it gives me back the old fashioned way of Redstone whilst waiting for RedPower.
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    Another ModJam already?

    Really? Apparently, RebelKeithy and ShadowClaimer registered as Team Metallurgy, so that implies that there is going to be yet another ModJam this year.
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    No Topic Teamspeak Announcements CHANNEL UP Pass: 0451

    This thread is for announcing when we put up a Temporary No Topic TS channel on the FTB TeamSpeak. FTB TS IP (All caps because all are abbreviations): Password: mcepoch1 Navigate to the Private Member Rooms Section (Under the Public Rooms) and go into the No Topic TS...
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    Is there an easier way to make...

    Creosote Oil? I have an AE system creating Advanced Rails and I've been waiting about 10 minutes now and it only just now got to the making of the fourth set of Creosote Oil. Is there something faster?
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    Wireless Redstone with Gregtech

    Does anyone know the name of the block that does Wireless Redstone with Gregtech?