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    Do Thaumcraft golems work with Magical crops?

    do the farming golems work with magical crops plants, because that would be really cool :D
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    Whitelist Server Closed :(|FTB Horizons Server|White-List|Teamwork|No-Plugins|Small Town|1.0.10

    Hello and welcome, I'm making a new server in the modpack,Horizions. I'm making this server because, I like working toghther with people. We will all live in the same area/house and we will help each other with what there doing. I've never played in this modpack so i thought that i would learn...
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    Windows .exe Do i need 64-Bit OS to run ftb?

    Well when ever i run FTB, my whole computer crashes, and i have a 32 bit OS, Does that mean anything?
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    Windows .exe My computer crashes when i run ftb?

    I get the blue screen... Is there any way i can stop this?