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    Is it possible to alter a mod version in a pack?

    I play on an ultimate 1.12 server and I have found the applied energetics version 9i it uses is extremely buggy with regards to the MAC. Is there anyway to upgrade just that mod in the pack to at least version 10 while leaving the rest alone? If so does anyone know of a guide on how to do...
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    Offline - Attempt 2 - Hard core mode - FTB Ultimate - Webcam

    This is my first stream and first attempt at beating the game in hardcore mode. I am using the unaltered ultimate pack.
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    Ultimate Pack - Why do my thermal generators catch on fire?

    The first time it happened I considered it a fluke and I saw it start and I was able to put out the 5 or 6 that caught on fire before it spread. Well this time I came back to the base and it was on fire again, but this time it had spread to them all :( What causes these to burst into flame...
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    Do you like to live close to other players?

    I play on a Mindcrack V8 server with some friends and coworkers. It is about 6 weeks old. Personally the most frustrating thing for me is when people take advantage of my industriousness. I spend a lot of work making a full compliment if machines including grief tech stuff only to log in and...
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    Is the rotary macerator safe to use yet?

    Thanks if you know. Mindcrack v7
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    Sprung takes on Unhinged - Fusion Power Part 2!

    I play with a few coworkers and friends. This is my base so far.