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    Fairly New Daytime Streamer

    So this is a shameless promotion of myself. I have been streaming almost regularly during the daytime. Trying to grow my community but just streaming itself isn't working so here I am putting out an advertisement of myself. Come find me at I'm always looking for more...
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    MagicFarm2 Crashing

    So I started a new Single Player world of MagicFarm2 I didnt add or remove or change any of the configs of any mods. I set the world to hardcore difficulty, turned off generating structures to avoid having villages spawn. I load in and it seems fine everything works for a few seconds then it...
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    Inventory Editing on Server Join

    As the title suggest, im trying to figure out how to edit a players inventory on their first time joining a server so they don't just have the default nothing.
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    Open Server EzeriaCraft [FTB Unleashed 1.1.5][Open][GregTech][iConomy]

    I am advertising my server EzeriaCraft If you need help with anything I can be reached via Skype at [email protected] IP: (**** Server IP Has Recently Changed This is the New One****) Currently running MCPC+ With FTB Unleased 1.1.6 + GregTech (...
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    EzeriaCraft |FTB Beta Pack A v1.04|Open-Beta|

    Server IP: The rules are simple 1) Don't be a jerk 2) Don't grief 3) Don't steal The server is running the basic FTB Beta Pack A v1.04 Disabled: Quarries, Construction of Mystcraft Books (Mystcraft ages will be staff administrated.) Added: Fihgu's Command Mods...