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    Request Guidance for custom world generation - Sky Islands and Ocean with sparse ground islands

    I'd like to generate a map where it is mostly ocean with sparse "ground" islands and more frequent floating ones like in the Aether while preserving the enormous variety brought by the Biomes o Plenty biomes. Open terrain generator OTG is the closest tool I found to achieve the basic concept...
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    Minecraft Skin mirrors right to left arm

    I've uploaded a skin where the arms are different, however in game I see the left arm as a mirror of the right arm. Does anyone know why this happens? Using the standard 4px wide arm model, playing with MC 1.7.10 of course. I've attached the skin I uploded and a screenshot of what I see in game.
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    Selling items in-game and Mojang EULA

    I was reading this article and this one and a question came up in my mind. How are these rules applied with game content added by mods such all the ones present...
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    Mystcraft age with debuffs even with good grammar and no exploits

    I've tried following the Writing a world steps and I got a damn tons of debuffs xD Even if Island World has "No Seas" incorporated I had a sea of lava falling in the void. Even following al the steps and grammatical rules I didn't manage to get a stable age. Here is the pages I used and their...
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    Post\Thread time confusing

    I was looking the time a post or a thread was made, and it's odd because in the same thread I don't see consecutive time stamps but the time goes back and forth. The thread is marked as created at 9:00AM, the the first post is marked as made 3:00AM.. another post is set to 11:00AM.. I guess...
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    Not Enough Items out of the game

    I'm looking for a way to browse and use NEI out of the game. Since NEI builds the recipe list based on the mods installed I was wondering if there is something to browse the the NEI "catalog" after it's built after the first time a Modpack is started. I think it will be useful to plan item...
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    Thaumcraft 4.1 Nodes merging, is still possibile?

    As stated in the thread title I was wondering if merging aura nodes is still possible.. I've tried a couple of times in creative to spawn some close to each other and wait, wait and wait =) But the nodes didn't merged and I could't find any updated wiki regarding this. With Node in a Jar...
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    QCraft made the server crash after an automated quantum observation

    We placed some quantum ODB entagled with another block with two automated observer linked with a not gate from Project red and a lever. So if the lever is turned on, one AO is turned off, if the lever is turned off the other AO is turned on to force a block view from west or east respectively...
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    Ways to move horizontally in air

    Hi everybody! I'm currently building a floating base in the air with the Direwolf lates modpack. I was wondering how to move from two different platforms in a simple way, the aerial faith plate looks the best solution however even if configured to the max power (5) in won't throw you far away...
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    Keep fixed amount of items in a chest ?

    Let's say i have the Ingots chest, and want to keep 3 stacks of each ingot type i have in it. Is there a way with Applied Energestic (where all my items are stored) to pump out a fixed amount of items and keep the ingot chest alway full (at least with enough items in ME).