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    Closed Leaves become infested without a worm

    I had this issue as well, there seemed to be an invisible leaf block that I kept running into, the next time I vein mined the area (or the new equivalent) filled with leave it seemed to break it which solved this as well.
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    Open NEI Mod List missing mods

    Summary of the problem NEI Mod List missing mods Pack Version 3.0.0 What is the bug? In the inventory panel clicking NEI Subsets -> Mods brings up a handly list of mods so you can search by mods without typing them in. At least two mods are missing from this menu that are in the pack...
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    Horizons 1.0.9 and Monster 1.0.3

    I'm not sure if this is appropriate: but great job. While I was slightly remiss to see one mod I enjoy get cut (probably do to TPS issues with tanks), my FPS in 1.0.3 of monster jumped substantially along with a couple other great mods being added to the pack. Keep up the good work guys :)
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    What kind of farms for massproducing?

    Doesn't that make a refinery quite a bit worse? Still: 10 biomass for 3 biofuel Refinery: 12 biomass for 3 biofuel Or am I missing something?
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    Mindcrack Long Fall Boot Problem

    I finally got up to the point on another server to try again... it went into my inventory and then after a few seconds it was gone again. EDIT: Alright, it's a problem with the mod. The newest updated fixes the problem, hopefully it'll be in the next mod pack update.
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    Mindcrack Long Fall Boot Problem

    So I've never had this issue before... using the latest mindcrack. I have pretty much all the missing mods that the DW20 pack has added back in as well, as well as logistic and additional pipes. Up to date java. No crash issues. So I run a server using my same config settings.... and I can't...
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    MystCraft Discussion Thread

    The choices are either village exploitation, which if done in the way most people are saying would cause massive amount of server cycles being used or hard drive bloating and a bunch of cycles occasionally being used when people make worlds... the latter sounds more server friendly, whereas if a...
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    MystCraft Discussion Thread

    I wish the emeralds were easier to get, I've been playing for a while now. I've never dug up a single vanilla emerald, so I have to resort to trading for all of them and the prices seem high... coupled with the fact that all the villages nearby are established getting pages is going to take...
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    Redpower going the way of Nandonalt's Mods?

    I agree with Lambert (sans the insult), as well, the new xycraft basically will have that project bench functionality, if we see it anytime soon at least =/ But I may add that in the meantime, looks nice. Redpower is one of my used mods... and I've never had any major issues with it, some lag...
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    List of Other Mods and Compatibility with Current Packs

    I would, but I run a server and don't like redownloading all the time =p
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    List of Other Mods and Compatibility with Current Packs

    Oddly treecapitator and optifine in my game lead to weird conflicts where the tree would drop wood but would still be there until I left and came back. Also, logistic pipes, which will hopefully be in the main pack eventually, as soon as the original author updates =/
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    Any updates for xycraft and/or Thaumcraft 3?

    According to Xycraft's twitter feed: "Version is built but crashes with the public version of Code chicken core. We shall have to wait for that to update first. Wont be too long." Not sure if that is including all of the new things or not, but seems like progress =D
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    Most complete pack

    Yep, I basically added most of the DW20 missing mods to mine, mystcraft and EE3 as well as some personal ones, all worked no problem so far.
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    Getting Netherwart and Forestry Questions

    Alright, first post, hello all! Me and my friends are all playing on a DW20, and well, everyone has the same problem... lack of netherwart. We seem to have explored huge amounts of nether, no fortress, no wart, is there any alternative ways to make one? A single piece to get us started? Two...