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    Issues with connecting? Please report them here.

    Operating System, bit type: Windows 64 bit Internet Service Provider: Comcast Java version/update, bit type: java 7 64bit Anti-malware software:Kaspersky Location you are (generalized):California Location you're downloading from: Los Angeles Launcher version: 1.2.9 Completed the troubleshooting...
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    [Fixed] Problem with launcher downloading "Horizons"

    bump.... seriously though any support admin have anything to say on this?
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    FTB Unleashed Crashing when connecting to Server

    Is it a black/white screen?
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    Windows .exe DW20 1.6.4 "Error Downloading Modpack"

    Not sure if same problem but yes.
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    Windows .exe Launcher just does not work i tried your whole FAQ

    I agree. I just wish they were more clear on whats going on to fix this stuff. EDIT: Sadly the only fix i have is to use the ATlauncher until this is sorted. They have server downloads as well.
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    Windows .exe Launcher just does not work i tried your whole FAQ

    Re-install java that seems to be the only fix they give. I cant even get the packs to download. Good luck to you.
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    [Fixed] Problem with launcher downloading "Horizons"

    It makes no sense then how every other pack besides the new 1.6 ones download just fine..... can we PLEASE get a manual download. Obviously this new system is broke as hell. EDIT: would love to hear from any of the tech support admins.
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    [Fixed] Problem with launcher downloading "Horizons"

    The new direwolf pack is doing the same thing..... yay
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    [Fixed] Problem with launcher downloading "Horizons"

    FIXED Kaspersky (my antivirus) needed to have very specific options changed for it to work. ANYONE using kaspersky all you need to do is go to "Network Activity" and find "Java(tm) Platform SE 7 U45", right click on it. Should go to something like "application rules" just make sure all the...