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    Invalid Username with New Account

    Using the email address worked. Thanks so much. He's excited
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    Invalid Username with New Account

    I bought my son a minecraft account on Monday (Jan. 6) but after 3 days he still can't log into FTB. It gives the error invalid username or password. The account signs into regular minecraft no problem. I have tried putting in the password many times, delete profile, then start again. If we...
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    Bee keeping not working

    It might still want the cactus from the modest bee. Creating mystcraft ages is a good idea even if they are unstable as long as the instability does not cause nausea. Run around for awhile and get some bees.
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    Bee keeping not working

    You may already know this but you need to start with forest and meadow bees. Unfortunately you started with (IMO) one of the worst breeds. Take advantage of the frames you can get especially the soul frames for mutations. If you want to know every mutation just click on the link. Be warned...
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    Bee Breeding: A Few Questions

    This doesn't answer your questions, but I had the same questions when I began bees. My answer was to go immediately to the top tier bee machines. Once I had these it wasn't long until I had the traits and bees I was looking for. If I were you, I would work my way to the Imperial and...
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    Aura.dat file opener

    I'm trying to find a program that will allow me to look at and possibly change the aura.dat file. I've tried opening it with Notepad++ but it appears to have more than just text in it. Any ideas?
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    Bad Thaumcraft Nodes

    I've heard a rumor that nodes can be destroyed with a portable hole. This was awhile back though and may have been patched if it even worked at all.
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    Flux help

    I have a crystal cluster next to my pure node that sometimes boosts the aura by one for a time. I also have one of those vis storage blocks(can't remember what they're called) right next to the cluster. The only magic that I do or have ever done in that area is growing silverwood trees and...
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    Moderate Flux and Pure Bees

    There is a normal node which is the one stuck on moderate and a pure node about 20 blocks away with no flux. There are no dark nodes anywhere nearby. I do have the purify node effect. I actually tried removing it to see if the pure bees would still work. They didn't without it.
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    Flux help

    Just one mixed cluster near the pure node. I am getting tons of essence, especially mutatio. Does that mean that eventually the flux will drop below moderate?
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    Flux help

    There is a pure node close by with no flux. Still doesn't seem to be lowering the flux where I want though. I know they're doing something because they keep making crystallized essence (or whatever it's called). I just want to know if they are going to lower the flux on my non-pure node.
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    Flux help

    I would try placing a silverwood sapling down by your base and traveling in a large circular area around your base and discover several of the nodes around you. Now, this shouldn't allow the silverwood tree to grow since it needs 100 vis but it worked for me. You could also drag the nearest...
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    Problem New to ftb and servers

    This is what I would do if I were you. Open the FTB Launcher and make sure you have the correct version of the modpack you want selected and then download the server file. Make a new folder and open and run this file. Start up this server and let it create the files and new world. Shut it...
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    Flux help

    I had a similar problem as well when I first started. It wasn't until I did a lot of traveling around in the world that all of a sudden that area registered aura.
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    Flux help

    It has been my experience that pure bees have not lowered the flux below moderate, even with several going all the time. This of course is not on a pure node. Is this normal? If so, then what's the point of these bees?
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    Moderate Flux and Pure Bees

    I've been stuck at moderate flux levels for a couple of weeks. In an attempt to cut this down I got some pure bees. I put them in an alveary and kept frames in them. I'm getting loads of crystallized aspects but the flux doesn't seem to move at all. After several days I added two more alvearys...
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    Bees Causing Major Lag and Minecraft crashes

    My console would spam with each bee that was removed and placed into my apiaries. It caused lag but never shut down the game. I updated to the DW20 5.2 pack and this fixed it. Hopefully that will be recommended today and fix your problem
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    Powering Extra Bees Machines?

    Don't forget the flat 5% loss with conduits. In response to the main post I would suggest having two output energy tesseracts since you are producing so much power in the first place. Then have 2 tesseracts receiving the power. I would then either cut out redstone energy cells all together...
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    How many distiller alvaeries?

    I have two with no frames powering 2 36hp boilers and making excess oil. I've actually had to take them out for awhile. I keep a full large fuel tank with a large oil tank overflow.
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    Building aura in areas without any... How?

    I haven't tested this in an area without a node but using the thaumic hoe of growth should allow you to grow a silverwood sapling and create a new node. Worth a shot imo.