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    What the heck's up with the Mods Discussion spam

    The only thing I understand from this is "DO NOT GO TO -Spam links removed- Otherwise, I'm creeped out...
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    Cross-Language Mod Development

    This thread isn't really useful unless you're really passionate about a language. Some programming languages in here may not be easy. If they do not compile directly into bytecode, you can't use them 100% in your mod and you still need to learn Java, lowering the usefulness of the "compatible"...
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    Most intensest ever drop ever

    the best of the bester
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    [1.7.10] Multidimensional Ores - Generate ores in all dimensions!

    Multidimensional Ores This mod generates vanilla and modded ores in all vanilla dimensions. It's that simple. More info, changelog and download can be found in the CurseForge page. The source code is right here (a bit sloppy). Has a couple of advantages over Nether Ores, such as some ores not...
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    [1.7.10] End Ores 1.0.0 - Generates ores in the End!

    HUGE COLORED TEXT FOR ATTENTION!!!!111111111111 This is a VERY simple mod that generates all overworld and nether (vanilla) ores in the End. Configs exist, and the download is in a CurseForge page. VERSION 1.1.1 - New mod ores added...
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    Welcome to the Olivic Mega Modpack, containing around 200 mods, modified with MineTweaker (using most of the pack InfiTech 2 ( by Jason McRay's scripts and a billion additions to them of my own) to balance most mods with GregTech. This pack does contain Reika's mods...
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    When submitting a modpack, will the mod list automatically generate?

    I'm currently at the edge of submitting my modpack to FTB, but I have one question, a stupid one. Will the mod list on the launcher for modpacks be automatically generated/written by the staff or do I have to write it myself?
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    My survival world is not appearing in the menu?

    EDIT: I may have found the problem? It was because the mystcraft age was missing 2 region files. I use Unleashed 1.1.3 pack with Gregtech, and in my survival world, i just created a mystcraft age. It was all fine, until the end of the day. Next morning, I opened up unleashed and i saw that...
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    Weird Recipe in FTB Unleashed?

    I was checking the nether star recipe from extra utils in NEI, and i saw a shapeless recipe. With SOTMead and Nebris' head plus a nether star makes the nether star of justice? I have gregtech too but i pretty much think that is not gt because greg already did make a reference to SOTMead and...