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    downloading the app issue

    Right-click, or ctrl-click, on the app icon; A contectual menu should appear. Now choose "Open" from the contextual menu. The same warning, but in a slightly different dialog box should appear, that has an extra button that allows you to run the app anyway. You only need to do this once...
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    Enderman farm

    The most powerful vanilla enderman farm known today involves a name-tagged endermite inside of a mine cart.
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    Forestry Blocks and Thermal Expansion Pipes show strange behaviour

    Servos are used to extract from inventories that do not automatically output. Some machines auto-output themselves. Each mod has its own quirks on how, when or if their machine auto-outputs. Thermal Expansion machines can also be made to do this, then you need less servos. But in TE's case...
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    FTB Infinity

    You can still find them on curse. Here are some links: FTB Infinity Evolved FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock But the easiest way to get them would probably be to use MultyMC. Within MultiMC you can directly download and install these packs through the legacy FTB option. Good luck.
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    Where do I go to report a bug with Regrowth....

    The thread for the regrowth modpack can be found here: Forums > General > Pack Creation > thephoenixlodge Or click this link: It is the thread with 869 pages. Keep in mind that regrowth is an old pack. it wouldn't surprise me if...
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    Tinkers Construct 2 (1.10+) Tool and Material discussion

    The problem isn't necro-posting, the problem is off-topic-posting! The purpose of the thread is to discuss whether to build your TC2 pickaxe with a copper tool binding or a paper one. Use cobalt for the speed or iron for the magnetism. etc... Ideally, a moderator will split off the off-topic...
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    mobs animal can't be spawn in server

    Hello, Assuming vanilla spawning mechanics; Passive mobs (including animals) can only spawn if no passive mobs currently exist in loaded chunks. Or, more accurately, less mobs than the passive mob cap. Mobs in unloaded chunks don't matter. Note that the spawn chunks are always loaded. If you...
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    FTB infinity evolved issue with agricraft

    I assume you know the parent plants need to both be fully grown before you place the cross sticks. I also assume you double checked the cross breed recipe is actually correct... Place the parent plants in a plus pattern, involving two sugarcane and two carrots.
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    How to play Downloaded map

    If the download was zipped, make sure it gets unzipped. You'll end up with a folder, that itself contains subfolders named "data" and "region" and a file named "level.dat" among others. That folder is the safe file. (the whole folder, not the individual files) Now, find the instance folder for...
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    Problem AE2 / Autocrafting / ME Interface shuts down the system

    Does your network have a controller? ( I don't see one in your screenshots. Without a controller your network can't have more than 8 things connected to it.
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    Carpenter's Blocks for mc v1.7.10 Blockcraftery for mc v1.12.2 In addition you can make stairs with mods such as Chisels & Bits or LittleTiles.
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    Adding Mods to existing Worlds

    It depends on the mod and/or the config settings. Usually, newly added things that generate in world will be generated in newly generated terrain. Just like in vanilla, when mojang adds something to the game and you update your world to the new version of minecraft. That said, some mods...
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    Request Modpack Lag Reduction?

    No modpack I've ever used, including packs with over 350 mods, required more than 6GB of memory allocated. The only possible exception is a server that must handle a lot of players. And then it is only the server that needs the ram, the clients still need only 6GB or less. I'd argue that if you...
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    Read and know

    A 1.8 GHz CPU? Ouch, that can be rough even for vanilla MC. Here is what I can advice, good luck: Go with MC version 1.7.10, it uses less ram than later versions. Assemble your own modded instance that contains just the mods you want to play with. It also helps to dig through the configs of...
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    What is that mod?

    When you get levitation, could it be because you run into a certain type of flower? In the same way, does running into other types of flowers give you things like, regeneration, resistance, random teleport, being on fire, depending on the flower? If so, then its is probably the mod...
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    How to programmatically get list of mods contained in pack?

    This is not a direct answer to your question but, but... If the modpack is published on curse, you can find out what mods are in a pack by going to the download page of the modpacks zip* file of a specific version and scrolling down to where it says "Related Projects." In the case of...
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    Ore Smelting Automation with Logistic Pipes Question

    Use a Chassis pipe MK2 to MK5, Then put multiple crafting modules in the open chassis slots. You can put as many recipes into one chasis pipe as there are slots. So 8 for a MK5. Keep in mind that LP doesn't queue; If you request the next craft before the current one is done, it will try to...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    As far as I remember, creepers always damaged players, even in water. What creepers don't damage when in water (and still don't) was blocks in the world. So water prevents creeper holes. But Creepers still damaged entities, like players or items floating on the ground/water.
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    401 messages

    For more than a week now, I get this message at least once every day. Sometimes more. I Swear I didn't do it. But anyway, the first time this happened, I figured the issue would resolve itself eventually, and sure enough, about an hour later I could access the forums again. But then it keeps...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Craft a Sequential Fabricator from Thermal expansion. upgrade it to have at least one augmentation slot. Craft a Fluidic Fabrication augmentation, and install it in the fabricator. Set the recipe. Output the liquid enderperl/liquid redstone/liquid glowtone, into the fabricator. Now you just...