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    Whitelist Server KoozCraft [Infinity pack] | [Community-based] | [PvE] | [18+]

    * MC Username: Grimreaper1997 * Skype ID: Exiledknightmare * Age (18+): 17 but soon to be 18 :) * Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Tech but wanting to start out with magic * Experience with mods: I have played a lot of Technic and Direwolf20 modpack, so i am used to tech mods but i am wanting to...
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    Whitelist Server Elite Perseverance Infinity 1.2.0 | No Banned Items | No Lag | Mature Players Preferred

    In Game Name: Grimreaper1997 Age: 17, I know you asked for 18+ but i believe i am mature enough to get on with everyone Have you ever been banned from previous servers? If so, Why?: Nope, been on only 2 modded servers (For very long periods of time) but never been banned Do you get along with...
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    Whitelist Server ▌GrassCraft ▌ Infinity 1.3.1 ▌ Whitelist ▌ Great Community ▌ [24/7] ▌Mature admins ▌ [SERVER CLOSED]

    1. What is your minecraft IGN? : Grimreaper1997 2. Where are you from? : UK, England 3. What timezone are you in? : GMT 4. How old are you? :17 5. How much time do you intent to play per day (Approx.)? :2 6. Have you played modded minecraft before? : yes 7. If yes, for how long and what mods /...