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    Whitelist Server Small Server | 1.7.10 | Mechanical Titan Pack | Slots Open

    Application: Potato IGN: Zanthyn Age: 21 Time Zone: Central How often will you be online? Most week/weekend days Skype: Have one don't want to post in case of spam If we got a teamspeak server would you use it? Yes A bit about yourself: Big fan of modded minecraft looking for small community to...
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    Whitelist Server Elite Perseverance Infinity 1.2.0 | No Banned Items | No Lag | Mature Players Preferred

    In Game Name: TemporalDecay Age:20 Have you ever been banned from previous servers? If so, Why?: No Do you get along with others well?: Yes Do you prefer playing in a group or alone?: Group What aspect of modded mc do you enjoy the most?: Tech and Magic What times are you usually available to...
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    Thaumcraft 4 in Unleashed?

    So there will be a new pack its included in most likely?
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    Thaumcraft 4 in Unleashed?

    Just like the title says will it be implemented into Unleashed if so what would be a good estimate for the time it will take to happen?
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    MFFS Help ME! Interdiction Matrix

    You need biometric identifier with master card for access
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    Open Server BeastFactory Unleashed 1.1.7|80 slots|all mods enabled|no lagg|20+ plugins|factions|economy|jobs

    love the server but its down right now whats up with that?