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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    Probably because they are not able to get them to work and just stopped using them. FZ in general is a mod not used much. For my private small pack it's a godsend.
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    A New Direction [BC API/RF API]

    You know that this point is moot now that the RF API is separate and can be updated by ANYONE in no time?
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    What is a Gethub?:p (SCNR!)
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    Rainbow Forest in FTB Monster is like hitting the jackpot

    Often those servers specifically target those blocks that every sane person wants to use in modded gameplay or use some blocks to gate the entry into many mods via recipe changes(e.g. change all auto mining blocks/items to require one certain thing only available with payment). Which is not...
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    Rainbow Forest in FTB Monster is like hitting the jackpot

    TiC is broken in so many aspects(imo) that i even do not know where to start. The biggest "problem" for me though is that nearly everyone seems to use it a standard to compare other mods/mod tools to. Which is not a good thing imo But as @DanteGalileo said: To each their own ;)
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    Thaumcraft Brain-in-a-Jar disappearing when broken?

    Which version of Thaumcraft are you using? I remember on of the recently released update mention something about a break bug with the "Brain in a Jar" being fixed. €dit: I should read every post before answering *g*
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    Rainbow Forest in FTB Monster is like hitting the jackpot

    Honestly? Who would join such a server if they do not have the same idea of gameplay? For most of those the "my way is right, everyone should have to do it this way" mentality is a non issue. They tell you exactly what to expect on their server and everyone joining agrees to that playstyle by...
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    A couple RotaryCraft questions.

    I'll quote Reika from his homepage for this one:
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    IC2 cabels and covers

    ...isn't worth it considering one would have to replace an entire existing infrastructure(code). This ofc changes if a mod gets a complete rewrite(i.e. TE3). While cross mod compatibility is nice it doesn't warrant a hard dependency on another mod imo. Because such a mod could cease to be...
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    IC2 cabels and covers

    ^This, soooooo much! Why must every mod implement FMP if they already got a "Cover" like system? Also why should IC2 make itself dependent on FMP? I get it that FMP is a nice addition. But why people keep bugging devs to implement it while they don't like it or it even duplicates functionality...
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    [WIP] High Tier Base + Bee Base (New Bee Tower Inside)

    I really wish Nuclear Control wouldn't be an IC2 addon but a standalone mod :(
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Unfortunately it seems like it's crashing when Factorization is installed. I guess the FZ plugin/handler isn't updated to the newest FZ or a small bug was introduced while fixing the Dark Iron bug. Will have to wait for a (Hot)fix ;)
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Benimatic said he'll probably do one last bugfix/support update for 1.6.4 to fix remaining major issues sometime "soon".
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Yeah this might be the biggest culprit right now :rolleyes:
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    If he doesn't i will :D
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    Tank: Open Block or Railcraft

    Wasn't my idea for the mod name :p And the flawed physics have been in since Buildcraft with the simple tank which holds 16 Buckets :p (on another note: A bucket capable of holding one m³ of water is BIG and likely not something one can carry.... so yeah minecraft physics) BTW from the thread...
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    Tank: Open Block or Railcraft

    Another strong contender i've come across recently is HPT (High Pressure Tanks). I will follow its development closely as i can see those as a late game replacement for RaC iron/steel tanks.
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    Shoop LP [YT Season 2]

    The new servos are hands-down one of the most versatile tools current modded minecraft has to offer :) On the other hand Mariculture is a very interesting mod with some new refreshing components. maaaaaaaaaaany choices...
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    Fun with Factorization Servos

    Hmm a request system with servos? sounds....interesting. Ofc it can not be compared to either AE or LP as those are mods written specifically for that purpose. But i can think of something more RP2 like with its pneumatic pipes.
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    FTB Master Configs

    Afaik Compact Windmills can run without Aroma core but complains in the log it couldn't find it and thus disabling something. Haven't checked in a while.