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    Adding Gregtech to Unleashed 1.1.5

    Hello there! I just added Gregtech to my Unleashed 1.1.5 and activated BoP, Natura was corrupted as 0kb file so I downloaded it aswell, now if I look how to craft a pump module or some other items it says that needs mushrooms, lol. For example 1 Toad Stool gives you 2 Data orb, I guess that's an...
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    Protection mod for 1.5.2

    That, there's any protection mod for 1.5.2 such as the ones by fihgu's? I don't like the Fihgu's ones tbh, they create conflicts with FE.
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    Problem My server is randomly using RAM.

    Don't know how to explain it, really. I've made a test server with some mods and even without a player online the Ram flows between 200mb and 1gb of use. I'm using ForgeEssentials along with the next mods: Damage indicators Jammy Furniture ArsMagica Bibliocraft Biomes O Plenty...
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    Whitelist Server Nanocraft | Ultimate | Whitelist | 20slots | Essentials | No grief | New map!

    Nanocraft Server IP: Modpack: FTB Ultimate v1.0.1 Website: New map since 16/04/2013! A fresh start for everyone! What's Nanocraft: Nanocraft started as an spanish minecraft server more than a year ago, we started with the 1.2.5 version using...
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    Need some help with this crash :/

    My server is crashing and i can't see why, anyone can explain me what this error means more or less? Thanks :)
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    Is there a way to prevent x-ray texturepacks?

    As the title says, can i prevent some players to use x-ray?
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    Problem Huge amount of mobs spawning then crash.

    A user of my server was in the nether when more than 600 ghasts spawned near him, he teleported back to his home and then the server crashed, it isn't the first time a chunk goes crazy spawning mobs then crashes the server when someone comes nearby. This is the error log, we're using Mindcrack...
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    Portal gun question.

    Hello, i'm giving portal guns to the people who donate on my server, and i was wondering, are the guns still unique? I mean, if i give the same default portal gun to 2 players, do they share the portals as before? Thanks.
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    Introduce frames into an apiary with pipes.

    As the tittle says, i can't introduce frames into an apiary from any side: Top : Princess Bottom : Drone Side : Goes into the comb slot. So, is there a way to inject them using pipes?
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    Problem Extrabees server crash, alveary blocks.

    Using mindcrack v8 my world crashed due to the alveary blocks, is there a way to remove a single block by changing it id to 0 or something? i don't want to remove the whole mod and add it again to remove the blocks from the world :/
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    Alveary world crash with mindcrackv8?

    Hello my server just crashing with this error: I'm using mindcrack v8 modpack. Any ideas?
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    ForgeEssentials some items banned.

    First of all, great mod, I love the permission system, but i'm having a small issue with the banned items, this is my config for mindcrackv8: My players CAN'T craft the quarry since the id 516 is on the list, but they can craft the Mining turtle wich id is in the list aswell, 1227:1 and...
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    doFireTick false and how to remove fires?

    I've set the doFireTick to false, but the fire from the thunderstorm remains on the ground, is there anyway to prevent the fire from expanding and at the same time remove the fire that the thunder leaves at the ground? Thanks!
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    Combining fihgu region with forgeessentials.

    Hello, i just installed forgessentials, but i think i'm missing something or there's no protection stuff for my users? It's posible to combine it with fihgu's protection mod? Or there's another mod to prevent grief that works better with FE ? Thanks in advance.
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    Mods for 1.4.6 working in 1.4.7?

    Hello! That's what i've read somewhere, do the mods for 1.4.6 works for the 1.4.7 version aswell? For example can i play using forestry 2.0 for 1.4.7 with IC2 for 1.4.6 ? Thanks !
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    World saver

    Is there any mod that makes world saves every X time? I've seen it in direwolf20 server, and i was wondering what's the mod name, thanks! PS: Also, is there a mod to change name colors in the chat?
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    Solved Can't craft rp2 microblocks.

    I've just update forge along with some other mods and i can't no longer craft rp2 microblocks, nei tells me how to do it however if i put the handsaw along with the block in the crafting table, nothing happens. I'm using the last forge version for 1.4.6 if that helps, the Build
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    A chunk just disappeared.

    Hello, i was playing on my own server when suddenly a huge lag started, i've found a chunk that just disappeared and everytime some1 gets near it the cpu usage for the server goes 100% and the cmd console spams something like that ( i can't copy it ) 2013-01-05 00:09:07 [INFO] [STDERR]...
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    Moving existing world into a mystcraft age.

    Hello, would it be possible to move the current world we're using on our server to a mystcraft age? So all my players don't lose any items once i create a new world when rp2 comes out. They will just log into their normal houses, empty chests and move to the new world. Is it possible...
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    Can't start my server.

    Hello i'm runing the 1.4.2 version ( the one that still has the extrabees mod ) on a localhost computer, some friends can conect and play without any kind of problem, but today i just got home to see my server crashed, i though it was a random error so i restarted it to see that i couldn't start...