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    FTB Resurrection 1.0.1 Update Info.

    The AMA mentioned balance changes/'too many changes to list' for MineTweaker, but the script file looks exactly the same as 1.0.0. My copy does have those extra mods, so I'm pretty sure I'm running the right version?
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    FTB Resurrection 1.0.1 Update Info.

    All the config files seem to be the defaults, alongside text files that have the actual changes e.g. in-game (and 'BetterTitleScreen.cfg') has "BETTER TITLE SCREEN", then 'BetterTitleScreen.cfg.txt' (inactive) has "Feed The Beast: Resurrection". The scripts folder has the Iron Chest and ExU...
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    Better With Forge?

    So, the bit where they tell you to put BTW in a side folder so it looks like it's an add-on/endorsed thing and their mod can rip the models and sprites out of it? Definitely not deliberately provoking him or anything.
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    Getting Magma Cream

    Well, standard slimeballs (not Magma Cube) + blaze powder makes magma cream too, if you can find a non-Nether slime chunk and a Nether Fortress. (or TC3's Cinderpearls if you're in the Magic Pack)