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    1001 things to do in modded minecraft

    337 Fill a Draconic Evolution Energy Core using Botania flowers.
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    If you put each workshop next to a controller slave and set it to auto transfer to and from it, you will have access to the whole array of drawers. When you setup a recipe in the workshop it will automatically pull item from the drawers and push the result into it. You can set up 4 recipes per...
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    Storage drawers and steve's workbenches work wonderfully well together. You can easily set up complex autocrafting for items requiring many steps. This is my early game AE system. When piping magic apiaries with pipes, you need to pull from the sides to extract combs. Pulling from the top or...
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    Looking for interesting ways to power a base!

    Botania Mana fluxfield can generate RF from mana. you can generate mana from sun, water, lava, coal, cake, exploding tnt...
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    Steve's factory manager meet villager trading. I had this idea when watching the new Etho's FTB series. He used custom NPC to define arbitrary trades and random action to give life to his base/village. I thought he will be nice if there was a balanced way to achieve custom trading and...
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    The liquid sampler! Sorting liquid can sometimes be a hassle. You need to obtain a full bucket before being able to sort it. I suggest an item who act like a mix of a pipette and a bucket except it doesn't retain any liquid but only store the type of liquid. You can click in machine GUI or a...
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    You may already know you can automatically charge your IC2 backpack in a Bibliocraft armor stand when it is standing next to a universal charger. (dont forget to put a lever behind the wall to enable shift clicking in order to drop all you armors) You can do a similar thing with the new RF...
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    What is RF?

    That is not an issue, this is a design choice.
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    Portable Liquid Storage ?

    Drums from extra utilities.
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    What is RF?

    Compared to BuildCraft energy: -RF can be stored. -No energy loss during transport in long cables. -Machines don't consume excess energy when their input buffer is full. -Generators don't explodes when they have anywhere to output their energy. -However dynamos are slightly less efficient than...
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    Gendustry - adding custom bees

    That sounds awesome. You can add any Item to the custom centrifuge recipe? Let say i want to add a Certus Bee that would produce AE certuz quartz from a certus comb. What would the centrifuge recipe would look like? edit: ForestriI is a java factory? So as long as you now which function to...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Is there any way to automate the chisel recipes from TiCon? I'am building a decorative block factory in order to put all that cobble to good use and i would like to automate the crafting of the chiseled blocks from TiCon. Unfortunately, it seems that the auto workbench doesn't accept the chisel.
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    [FTB Monster]MFR:Charcoal and Ethanol Production

    You should use Forestry trees if you aren't already.
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    Itemduct Confusion

    You can also use Buildcraft buffered filter. It is very useful when the recipe requires different items.
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    ComputerCraft with Thermal Expansian Help!

    I may have made a mistake with the controller. There might be some tweaking to do.
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    What would you like to see in a Magic Mod?

    A mod that actually expands on vanilla enchantments and potions instead of making them obsolete.
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    ComputerCraft with Thermal Expansian Help!

    Vanilla solution: output is on the right of the RS nor latch. MFR rednet solution: We take input in the right with white color. Ouput is left and white colored. input R: if comparator output equals 15 we set vars 0 to On input S...
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    ComputerCraft with Thermal Expansian Help!

    It is a gate with 2 input. S for set, R for reset. If you turn on the set input, the output of the latch turns on. if you turn on the reset input, the output of the latch turn off. put the comprator against the cell. put a redstone line in front of the comparator. You want to set the latch when...
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    ComputerCraft with Thermal Expansian Help!

    You can do this with a comparator and a RS Latch, no need for computercraft,
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    Upgradable item sorting block. The way most sorting mechanisms work is by putting an item in a slot. Sometimes you can choose to ignore nbt or metadata but in most of the cases it is not enough. Each mod has its own way to identify items. There is no simple way to sort ores, logs, dust. Most of...