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    Agrarian Skies Frustration

    I was waiting for that kind of map since original FTB. Finally i had time to try this out, i was sooo excited, i played couple hours and it was perfect until bugs came out. 2 major bug that frustrate me sooo hard. My internet freaks out and i lost connection, so i tried to launch AS and play...
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    Bug Material Energy 4 Can't Launch

    Direwolf20 pack works fine but this particular one not rly, ive read a lot about that error: "Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option PermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0" But there was no solution, pls help I have newest Beta Launcher (already marked that box that...
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    EE and FTB new map

    As everybody knows the only reason why we still dont have new map FTB with new mods its Equivalent Exchange witch is not finished yet, and i think it wont be for a very long time. So imo would be better if Pahimar just give this project to peoples who can finish it. what you think about that? I...
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    NEI Chunk Boundires/Borders

    i saw in DW20 ssp episode that he can just press f9 and he has chunk borders, i have updated dw pack and there is no option to even assign key for that, anyone know where is problem?
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    Forum Suggestion - General Secion too deep

    I visit general secion (General discussion, mod discussion) every time and its very often. Comepare to other sections this is probably most visited (after "feed the beast" and i dont coun server promotion coz ads are everywhere) so the idea is that u should move general section a bit higher, imo...
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    How to copy builds?

    I buid my tunnel bore 9896876978 times! and always when was ready my world starting to corrupt (mystcraft world, these purple bastards coz i put dense ores). I am tired of this, i need to move my super beautifull compact tunnel bore to another age, im tired of doing this manually, and it seems...
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    [Suggestion] Launcher pack customizer

    Would be cool if launcher will have mod database that will allow u to download mods via launcher. Should be a button "create modpack" that will open similar window like u have when u press "edit modpack" and from there u directly download and install mods that are available. If each mod will be...
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    Mystcraft - how to write STABLE ages

    Everytime i try make ages i got unstable issues, mining fatigue, hunger etc. I need age that i can place my main base and it need to be 100% stable, how mechanics of this mod works? there is a % chance that u got instability? i know that some pages can increase chance of this instability, but...
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    Direwolf20 RP tunnel bore 1.4.7

    Hi, does anybody correctly know how to build this step by step? i was lf tunnelbores, but every i found on yt is powered by solars panel, and this one is powered by batteries from ender chest, and its what i want and very compact btw. If some1 is able tu build this thing post here pls <- this...
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    Why i hate Xycraft

    There are some few thing that Soreyn need to fix, atm Xycraft for me is so annoying, im gonna tell in few points why 1. Sulfur goo - its ok that its spawning from torches (its oryginal in some way) but they are too common, if u place 10-30 torches your inventory will be overloaded all the time...
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    Insanity map Glich

    I throw all items from "Where thier story begines..." and... nothing happened, i spanw all 9 items from nei and put them again, how i can repair that and continue playing? pls help