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    Invalid Username with New Account

    I bought my son a minecraft account on Monday (Jan. 6) but after 3 days he still can't log into FTB. It gives the error invalid username or password. The account signs into regular minecraft no problem. I have tried putting in the password many times, delete profile, then start again. If we...
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    Aura.dat file opener

    I'm trying to find a program that will allow me to look at and possibly change the aura.dat file. I've tried opening it with Notepad++ but it appears to have more than just text in it. Any ideas?
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    Moderate Flux and Pure Bees

    I've been stuck at moderate flux levels for a couple of weeks. In an attempt to cut this down I got some pure bees. I put them in an alveary and kept frames in them. I'm getting loads of crystallized aspects but the flux doesn't seem to move at all. After several days I added two more alvearys...
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    Bee Log Spamming

    Whenever I'm on my server I notice that the cmd log keeps spamming bee stuff. Like which bee went in what slot. I've looked for a config to turn this off but can't find one. Any help would be appreciated. I have several apiarys running constantly. It only seems to happen when I interact with them.