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  1. Elstealthed

    Open SerendipityMC presents DW20 1.20

    SerendipityMC is a small community, revived from the past. We are currently running DW20 1.20 at the current version. Friendly and helpful players and a fresh world for the server. Visit our discord for support, updates or to be social. Discord
  2. Elstealthed

    Minimum spec for ftb

    Thanks for all the reply guys going to give it a test hopefully in a week or so and see how it holds up
  3. Elstealthed

    Minimum spec for ftb

    I would check it with my account but I'm at work and live a hours train journey from hers, should hopefully be able to test it in a few weeks for so but want to be sure there's a possibility of it running before I let her try it on my pc because I'd feel bad getting her hooked then her not be...
  4. Elstealthed

    Minimum spec for ftb

    Hi, I'm looking to hopefully.get my girlfriend included in the ftb community but was wondering what's the actual bare minimum spec to run ftb. She wouldn't need fancy graphics or top fps rates just being playable as she's not a big gamer and hasn't played Minecraft before, I'm not.looking...
  5. Elstealthed

    Open Server MonsterBlock v1.1.2: mcmmo,economy,protections,mine world Monster Block is a fantastic server that i feel deserves a little gratitude throw its way, it offers little lag which it holds up to, if the unfortunate event occurs the server owner effectively hunts down the lag using their many tools and swiftly sort the problem. This creates...
  6. Elstealthed

    Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

    Such a great server! very enjoyable and beautiful spawn, Looking forward to advancing more into the server!