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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Toot toot here comes some more of my big ol' build. Sorry about the wait, I had an opportunity pop up that I couldn't turn down, but I'm back in the States now. Anyway, I've done a fair amount of work since the last pictures, so without further ado, Mansion Build 2: Mansion Harder! Note: If...
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    So rumors are GregT is now an IC2 dev

    It's good to see that the IC2 devs are willing to bring on a new guy now that it is clear they have run out of ideas and steam. However, lord knows what GregT has in store for IC2. I fear it's already too late for Industrialcraft, though, it's been outclassed in just about every way by better...
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    Which mod adds the block that increases the number of sides available for a bloc?

    Sneaky Pipes did that, but it's been dead for awhile :( Other than that, I'm not immediately familiar with mods like that. I suppose Engineer's toolbox might be helpful here.
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Yes, this is my (extremely customized) Greatwood pack. I took the base pack from here on the forums and had some help from some goon buddies to finish out the pack. It supports most of the mods in ultimate and a handful of others. Gregtech is still unfinished, and currently features a mix of...
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    I've got a week off from my medical residence, so I'm finally building my big 'ol house in my world, so check it out. This thing is pretty goddamn huge right now, and I've only got the outlines in. The floor pattern in each of the two wings: The beginnings of the second and third floors...
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    Oh that greg and his humor

    Yes, I am inevitable. His tooltips are kinda corny, but he sure as hell knows how to include the necessary information in them. It's always nice to see someone properly use tooltips to get quick tidbits of information across.
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    Are there many of us?

    A while back, one of the Technic Devs mentioned that all of the Technic Packs had reached a cumulative of 1 million, I'll see if I can dig that up. EDIT: Nope! No luck, but that should at least give you a starting point. Mind you, that was from a while ago and Modded Minecraft has grown like...
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    How to add GT to FTBUnleashed?

    Agreed, ErogenousBeef needs to step up the power gen significantly. Unfortunately, he seems to have taken a hiatus from SA so we haven't been able to talk about that. And yes, more people need to be using it, there's something incredibly satisfying about 9x9 reactor multiblocks that just...
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    How to add GT to FTBUnleashed?

    Besides the ones Dave mentioned, check out Big Reactors as well, that should help satisfy your need for ridiculously large generators.
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    [32x] Summerfields [1.5.2][1.6.4][WIP] ** Updated 07/24/14 **

    Good 'ol Summerfields. It's good to see that LithiumSound's packs are getting the mod treatment, they're all absolutely gorgeous.
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    A replacement for frames!

    From my own (limited) testing, RiM has been pretty good. I'm not sure if it does multiblocks yet, but I'm inclined to think it does. It's been a little crashy, but so far less crashy than Eloraam's frames or Complex Machines. The animations in this new mod look like they're going to give my...
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    Gregtech deliberately crashing client if TC installed..

    Wow greg. I've been waiting for a mod author to completely melt down and become an insufferable child for like, a year now. This just in, GregT is running on the "Flowerchild" platform in 2013!
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    Most mods you have ever had installed

    I had nearly 300 at one point, thanks in part to Pam's mods, but that was built off of Plus+, which already had 200 something mods to begin with. I miss that world
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    Is the ME Wireless Acess Terminal gonna go really far away in the next update?

    Right at the bottom, look for : D:base.wireless.range=16.0 and you can change that to whatever you like
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    Besides MC, what have you been playing lately?

    Just beat Gunpoint: chill as hell and way more fun than I thought it would be And i've poured way too much time into Starsector, which if you like spaceship games you should buy immediately (I've been playing for several years now and I'm still not bored)...
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    IC2 is slowly dying out ?

    Ahem. Entropy is a cool name.
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    Let's see some traps!

    More interestingly, could we see some other pictures of your base? I think I love your building style and I want to shamelessly copy it see more.
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    The entire modding community would implode from the irony.

    The entire modding community would implode from the irony.
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    What mods could be used to replace redpower 2 (not talking about its place in FTB)

    Powercrystals just added whitestone and blackstone to go along with all of his decorative stuff lately. So there's that too I guess.