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    Mod Dev Title Request

    Hey, I no longer am a mod developer so was wondering if you could remove my tag? Thanks, - skunkdonkey
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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    banned because i haven't been active for a year on here wow
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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    banned because LOOMYNATI CONFIRMED
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    The first thing....

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    Up to 9000

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    Modpack dl link (Not gonna post because its not approved yet)
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    Back (Again?!?)

    Hey guys, some of you might (probably won't) remember me. I was an active member at the FTB Forums and have decided to return again. Watch out for a new modpack in the coming days!
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    TConstruct related crash

    Is there any conflicting keys in the controls menu with the key(s) you are trying to press?
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    Flooded - The Island Survival Pack

    (I know, sorry for bumping a 7 month old thread.) Finally, after 7 months of not doing any work on the pack, I will now be doing some more work so this can be released soon. I will keep you up to date on here) (But, not as a Jampacked Entry, of course :P)
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    I have reterned!

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    Bug Problem with Infinity.

    Hmm... How did it start happening?
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    Bug Problem with Infinity.

    Try lowering your render distance.
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    I have reterned!

    So, you may remember me from about 4 months back. In around 4 months i have been extremely inactive on the FTB Forums but i do not know why. Just wanted to let everyone know that i am back and am working on a new mod!
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    One Word Story

    Because things
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    Jampacked II Submission/Judging

    Yeh, thats what im wondering, too.
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    Jampacked II Submission/Judging

    If you sumbitted a pack, can you still be a judge?
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    Jampacked II Submission/Judging

    Do my quests have to be finished?
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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    Banned for closing a tab