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  1. LatvianModder

    This Quest Shamelessly Stolen FTB University

    Find that quest in the book and click on pin button
  2. LatvianModder

    Sky Factory 3 New Update

    There was a bug in the mod where language file wasn't loading. It should be fixed in next update. Also the way you switch between modes is improved
  3. LatvianModder

    FTB Utilities Path Name format

    You must use "\\" on Windows as seperator and "/" should work fine on Linux. If it doesn't, try "\\"
  4. LatvianModder

    Heal button on player(client) inventory screen actually works on server,how to stop?

    The button will appear, but it shouldn't function. You can disable the command in /local/ftbu/config.json
  5. LatvianModder

    Getting rid of welcome message(s)

    "starting_items": [ ] and "motd": [ ] Removing the entry will cause it to reset to default, but if you set it to empty array [ ] it should work
  6. LatvianModder

    Closed 1.0.0: [2.0.2] FTB Utilities Backup Failure

    This was fixed in 2.3.something. And the reason Aroma added item was the reason we had to make our own system, because server owners need to be able to add and remove server utility mods whenever they want without interacting with clients. Morpheus, for example
  7. LatvianModder

    Infinity server crash

    This is true. I made the last version compatible with latest infinity, so server owners can update to without client updates
  8. LatvianModder

    FTB Infinity 2.2.2 - Connect to Server: Timed out/Fatal error

    That's FTBUtilities fault. Not sure what's causing it, but I fixed it in my DevEnv, so, just wait for an update :)
  9. LatvianModder

    No Opis in Infinity 2.1.2

    Most likely, all chunkloading stuff will be in the 1.0.13 update. 1.0.12 will add Ranks and Permissions
  10. LatvianModder

    Bug Server crash - Infinity evolved v 2.0.2

    Must be something mine, gonna look into that. Could it be that you have set world border in that dimension maybe? Or maybe someone has claimed area in some of those chunks
  11. LatvianModder

    Closed 1.0.0: [2.0.2] FTB Utilities Backup Failure

    I doubt there is a chance to corrupt files, only the result file. But I an working on a better, faster backup method
  12. LatvianModder

    FTB Utilities: Backups take much longer than alternatives

    1) Im still looking for a better compression method, rn im using default Java one. And we were lagging a lot less with FTBU backups, dunno. + is this like a laptop? Because my laptop took 7 mins to compress 4gb world with its 2core proc and 4gb ram... 2) Config will forever stay in strange...
  13. LatvianModder

    Open 1.7.0: FTB evolved expert mode activation issue

    Just edit the file world/ftb_gamemode.txt
  14. LatvianModder

    Closed 1.0.0: [2.0.2] FTB Utilities Backup Failure

    Does this happen every time or only sometimes?
  15. LatvianModder

    [1.7.10] The Dark Trilogy [PUBLIC BETA]

    Wellcome! First things first, it's kinda important to update my mods (LatCoreMC and LatBlocks) to 1.6.8+, that should remove a lot of server lag :p
  16. LatvianModder

    FTB Central Mod Permissions

    I, LatvianModder, give permission to use all of my mods in any FTB mod pack.