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    [1.7.10]Withers journey

    this modpack was created because I myself was tired of HQM everyone does it so I find it over used .so I have decided to remake my modpack as a HC modpack where you can do what you want when you want instead of following a set path. a lil' bit like the old minecraft modpacks rom 1.5 (no more...
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    Request withers journey 2000

    i would like to make a new unlicted public modpack the mods are AM2 animation api baubles bloodmagic botania craft guide growthcraft cellar core and fish trap mantle tinkers construct thaumcraft ye gammols chattles the link is
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    (1.7.10)The Withers Journey [HQM]

    this mod pack is my first modpack on the ftb launcher the modpack is now approved the code is withersjourney tell me if you do a youtube video ill put it on here if you are getting lag just download fastcraft here modlist Ars...