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    Copy-Paste Tech Reborn machine settings 1.12.2

    dear all, Is there a cheap way to copy machine settings across several Tech reborn machines? In other words, if I want to set up,say, 10 industrial centrifuges doing the same thing and outputting stuff in different directions, do I have to set them all manually or is there a shift-rightclick...
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    Giant Sequoia Saplings

    As the Title says, is it possible to obtain the giant sequoia sapling from binnie's mods in a legit way? Playing yon my custom modapack
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    Autonomous Activators wither skull heads

    Can i drop wither skulls with an autonomous activator equipped with bedrock sword ? I made a nice set up with killer joes,vats ecc ecc but after finishing it, i wondered if i had wasted my time....
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    Automating Botania's Mana Pool alchemy?

    Any good ideas? I cannot think of a good way to attract only the outputs of the pool, allowing the inputs to go in no computercraft pls
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    Disable Mekanism 1.7.10 oregen

    Hello, i wanted to disable mekanism copper / tin oregen in my 1.7.10 custom modpack, i tryed messing up with the config file, i only found "TinperChunk" "Copperperchunk" However, if i try to set them to 0 , bad stuff happens Anyone can help??
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    Valuable bees productivity

    I have ftb unleashed with gregtech installed on my single player world: since i can't afford leaving the matter fabbricator all die running, to get some iridium, i did like in my old ultimate world: i bred some valuable bees, planning to centrifuge the shiny dusts and get iridium My bees have...
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    GregTech + Unleashed Recipes

    SO after sometime on my unleashed world , i decided to add also greghtech using a config file i found on the forum, and the problem is that i don't know how to disable the harder iron/gold tool recipes which make simply more grindy certain stuff such as harvester ecc ecc I don't wan't to hear...