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    Feed The Beast Direwolf20 Modpack Let's Play/Tutorial

    Released episode one of my new Let's Play series night before last, next episode is up later on today. I will be trying to do this let's play more as a guide to the mods and their uses than a casual "trying to learn everything" let's play. I'm also going to be making a second series to run...
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    Feed The Beast 1.2.5 Maps

    Thought I'd add a little annexe to my thread in this section because some people might not check the mod pack section if they are just looking for a map. Please feel free to refer to my MultiMC install guide for an easy setup tutorial. Maps FTB SSP Normal FTB SSP Insanity FTB Insanity Bonus...
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    Feed The Beast 1.2.5 Mod Packs and Maps

    Just thought I would share these with the community as it doesn't seem to be posted anywhere else and I seem to be the only person with the original links. I will not be providing install instructions as I already have a MultiMC guide on the forums which you can use to install the client packs...
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    MultiMC Updated Install Instructions

    Firstly I'd just like to point out I put this together with the assumption that you will know the basics of MultiMC, if not then just try and follow anyway. Ok, to start with run MultiMC and create a new instance, name this what you like. I tend to put something so I know what mods I have in...
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    Sexy New Forums

    May I be one of the first to say how much I love this new design. The first thing I thought of was Sphax, I don't know why but it just came to me. A big thumbs up to iBurn and whoever else has been helping him behind the scenes for the last few months. I know it was stressful but I can assure...
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    LegitNeek's Feed The Beast Insanity Bonus Map Let's Play

    The first episode of my new series playing the Feed The Beast Insanity Bonus Map. Please excuse the sniffling, I was quite ill during recording.
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    Feed The Beast Sphax Addon Pack

    Feed The Beast - Insanity Map Addon Pack for the PureBDcraft Texture Pack This can be used with any of the current FTB SSP maps. Install Instructions Firstly, download both the addon pack and the original Sphax pack. You will need to use the same versions or it will not work (64x addon...
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    RedPower Builds

    Just showing off my RP Frames lift I made on my server, funnily enough it's only purpose is to access my tunnel bore controls under my sorting shack. My Sorting Shack (lift activated by walking on the pressure plate in the corner) Descending Not very tall, but it can (in theory) be as tall...