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    djtlite's Livestream

    I'm new to streaming and am starting a singleplayer livestream. hopefully you guys come watch. ill try to get the stream started at 4pm Central time every wednesday. the stream is at: i hope you guys enjoy and active streamers please join and give me feedback via pm here.
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    Attention Doctor Who fans!

    Everyone knows you can make any of your non iron golems cosplay The Doctor by equipping them with a fez abd bowtie, but did you know that by placing a wood golem so thusly dressed on an already full chest and tossing it your sonic screwdriver has a cool effect? Just make sure your sound is on...
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    Ars Magica

    I saw the mod spotlight direwolf20 did of this and thought that it would be nice to have. while i love the machines and tech in the mod packs, i am more akin to a wizard in minecraft. my preferred home design is generally a tower (first map we had after getting ftb saw me getting to the twilight...
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    Complex Machines

    this is a thread dedicated to everyone's awesome multi-machine setups. i thought about this as i was setting up shop in my new home (buddy of mine on the server is epic at recreating areas from Final Fantasy and made the Chocobo Farm from FF7 for me, he lives in the FF9 black mage's village) and...
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    Chococraft issues...

    cant use this with the magic world pack... its the 1.4.5 compatible version and i stuck the whole zip file in my mods folder. please help... here's the pastebin: