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    Starting over or waiting for 1.7 packs to come?

    Hey there, I used to play 1.5.2 and 1.6.4 packs quite a lot, I usually get bored after a month of playing and I start over with a new world but it is fine for me. Since I heard about ongoing 1.7 packs development, I'm quite concerned whether should I start a new world with Monster pack (I missed...
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    Additional mods for FTB Unleashed

    Hello guys, I am looking for some complete and cool mods for my custom mod pack based on FTB Unleashed, which mods, in your opinion, would make a good addition to the Unleashed mod pack? I added RotaryCraft and OpenBlocks so far. It seems like there are many, many mods but 80% of them are simply...
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    Forgecraft 1.6 mod updates

    Hello, I have recently watched first episode of Direwolf20's multiplayer series on Forgecraft 2 and I wonder, what can we expect within the modpack. What do you expect guys? Is there any confirmed info about new things coming there, like XyCraft?
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    Whitelist Server EvilCraft [Unleashed 1.1.3] [Fresh World] [20 slots] [24/7] [Biomes O Plenty] [Plugins] [Whitelist]

    Hello! I would like to present you a new Unleashed server called EvilCraft (IP will be given soon). It is a brand new server hosted in Europe, Poland. Currently we have 20 slots but if the server gets more attention, we can easily upgrade. Server is 24/7. My goal is to create a friendly...
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    Need a little help with Logistics Pipes

    Hello guys, I need some help with setting up LogiPipes. In general, I got one input chest in which I throw all my stuff and it is sorted correctly. However. I am having troubles with auto smelting. While the furnaces output is correctly sent back to chests, I can't get the ores to be sent to...
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    Help with BC gates

    Hello, I am having a bit of issue with setting up a proper gate for my Redstone Energy Cell. I set it up to emit redstone signal when it has space for energy, so it turns on engines when needed. However, I am having a constant drain because of Thermionic Fabricator, Rolling Machine and AE system...
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    Your ideas for progress in FTB?

    Hello, I would like to ask you what are your favourite/usual/unusual ways to progress while playing FTB? I'd like to try something new as my route is always something like that: 1. Finding shelter 2. Mining 3. Setting up TE machines 4. Trip to nether->Pumping up Lava to the Overworld (later)...
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    Advices for a new, small server.

    Hello there, I would like to host my own, small server (10 people limit). I bought hosting service for a month before: 3GB SSD, 1GB RAM I have already hosted FTB Unleashed server and it ran smoothly with ~7 players and 4 ages with chunkloaders so the hardware works pretty good for a 10...