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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    That light puzzle's going to be Nila's thing, yea?
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    I want a remodel of the Air Compressor, so that it's more in-line with how Pneumaticraft looks and works instead of a more... Buildcraft look.
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    I just don't like the current option of these dinky little lumen turrets that shoot little peas of energy at mobs (at a supremely stupid rate due to the overclocking power of the Tile Accelerator)that do little to no damage on armored targets or fail to target certain mobs. (Got to call a spade...
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Just remember that - if he thinks it's a good idea - Reika has to code 16 more multiblock configurations and 15 more types of projectiles. I'd understand if he takes this on more slowly.
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Dang, Reika. That Lumen Motar kicks serious butt... Does each defense tower have separate abilities depending on how you build it? Like if you build it one way, you get a holy-flaming Kamir ball o' doom. Build it a different way, you get a Ruzova Railgun. Yet another way, you have the potakalli...
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Thanks, good to know. Will improve. I think an interesting thing would be a projector... With the cost of the associated lumen plus Kuro, it applies a level 10 effect associated with the lumen type. Would nearly cap a turbocharged network to turn the thing ON. But could have a medium to low...
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Thanks. Will be useful in test worlds.
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Also... What are the available actions for the /chromaprog command?
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Hey. Reika. And a new title for a practitioner of ChromatiCraft. A Lumen Sage. Yes, that reference was intended.
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    What is the most overpowered mod in your opinion (NO ORESPAWN)

    Concerning RotaryCraft and it's first party addons: Yes, RotaryCraft's everything can be crafted, but it's progression is much MUCH different from "Let's make the next tier more and more expensive!" It focuses more on infrastructure to power X to get going than having enough energy to power Y...
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    The state of 1.6 Modpacks We are all anxious about whats to come, Eyamaz.
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    Greylist Server [FTB Monster 1.1.1] [Greylist] The Edge of the Hedge Server

    IGN: notawallplan2 Age: 14 I started when a freind introduced me into Technic, which is the only mod-pack in the Technic side of the world that had Thaumcraft. I actually migrated here by accident cause of my thirst for magic, and found that i can grow technologically at haste here as well...
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    Update on the Future of FTB Modpacks in 1.7

    *Dumps a large bin full of mods that somehow assembles itself into a minecraft world. Rubs hands enthusiastically.* This is going to be fun.
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    Important Announcement

    It's April fools... and it's obvious that he's messing with us. The BnB pack and it's worldsaving coutnerpart has not been removed from the launcher yet. Calm your floodgates. Sure Jadecat can be annoying but THIS IS APRIL FOOLS MAN!
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    Launcher v2 Update!

    And besides, the current FTB launcher will update to the new one once said launcher is out.
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    Being a Idea Node

    Being a Idea Node
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    liquidcrafter+applied energistics

    I think Logistics Pipes can work with this setup as well.
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    liquidcrafter+applied energistics

    Check out DW20's videos, specially the play-troughs of Forgecraft and his own little Shows. He practically answered every single question i had about doing things and automating things without being online.