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    What do you want in a mod pack?

    Just as the title states... What do you want in a mod pack?
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    [1.7.10]Mammoth[Magic-Tech][HQM][v 0.7.4]

    Mammoth Pack code: mammoth A decent sized pack with plenty of Magic and Tech and slightly increased mob difficulty. Default world is skyblock (Garden of Glass). HQM preview quick-start guide is included in this version. Many more quests coming in a later release. Playing with other world...
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    [1.7.10]Rancor[HQM][Very Difficult]

    Many will fail, few will achieve greatness. This pack is not here to hold your hand. There are no tutorials or tips, you'll have to figure it out on your own. The quests are pretty straightforward, how you get there is up to you; but, the longer you take, the harder it will get. Oh, and don't...
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    Vagabond No pack code ... yet This pack is designed to enable exploration. Go ahead, find all the things and 'experience' other cultures!
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    [1.7.10] Rancor [HQM]

    RANCOR Special thanks to @KidFriendlyTV for the images and story collaboration. pack code: rancor EDIT: Discussion moved here.
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    De-conflicting ID overlap: biomes, enchantments, dimensions

    So, I'm frequently messing around with adding/removing mods and I keep finding duplicate IDs for biomes, enchantments etc. Before I go and make a big spreadsheet, do any of you know if this has already been done for some of the more popular 1.7.10 mods? (I'm new to modding and I don't know...
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    Looking for examples of well written mods

    As the title says, I'm looking for exceptional examples of well written mods. (With source code available) It doesn't have to be based on any specific thing (magic, tech, whatever). I just think I would enjoy reverse engineering a good example that plays well with forge and works well with...
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    EDIT: this pack was approved, I made a new thread in the public packs section. Mammoth Pack code: mammoth This kinda morphed into a kitchen sink pack, with slightly increased difficulty. HQM is there for optional quests.
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    mod for temp ban on death 1.7.10

    Looking for a mod or something for 1.7.10 that allows you to automatically temp ban a player from a server for an hour(or a configurable amount of time) if they die. also looking for other ways to make death really unpleasant... this might actually be pretty simple, when event X happens, run...