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    Unidentifiable error

    Title: Unidentifiable error Launcher Version: 1.4.7 Modpack: Direwolf20 Modpack Version: 1.3.1 Log Link: Details of the issue: I can't tell what the issue is, actually... 64x Java
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    Windows .exe Cannot launch new direwolf pack

    It was a simple crashlog, it worked before. Need more info? Just ask. I know it can't find java, how do I fix this? It worked before. EDIT: It worked before, but I notice the crashlog says program files, now the fact that I have a Norwegian system changes this, but it worked before, and there...
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    Problem [Ultimate 1.1.7] New problem when updated

    EDIT: Strange new problem arose when I updated my server to Unleashed 1.1.7 Server Log: Any help? Need more info?
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    Logged out of server, now crashes on login

    Direwolf 20 1.1.4 FTB Launcher Log Minecraft Crash Log I logged out, updated a texturepack now when I login I crash! Yes. i have tried wihtout any texturepack and different texturepacks. Help? Here is what the server says: 16:03:59...
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    Plans for the Forgecraft2 dire home?

    I really like the way it looks and I need some inspiration, does anyone know or have pictures of the plans?
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    [Direwolf20] Some bug... It happens when I join the world... That is all..
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    Problem Unable to start server? that is the issue I am getting. I get it running any ftb modpack.
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    Unleashed? Why not Direwolf?

    I see too many Unleashed texturepacks, I want some Direwolf20 1.5 packs! :)
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    [Direwolf Beta] Forestry Woodcutter Rotate?

    So, the blocks that come out of the woodcutter, I love them, but.. Can I rotate them? They go straight one way, which is ok, but then you have the corner piece.. But what is the point of that if the blocks wont rotate?
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    Mac Lwjgl issues...

    So I can no longer actually USE the launcher... As I recently updated my java... Now it worked before I updated. it starts up and everything just closes as it comes to load the LWJGL libraries... Thats It no error, no report.
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    (Req) (DW20) Tp requests

    A mod that will let you do /tpa and /tpaccept to tp to other players, something for the survival players..
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    How to create a private modpack?

    I wonder how I can create one? I am not going to create one RIGHT now just saying... I simply wonderd...