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    [1.10.2][Curse] Future's Edge [Hardcore][Quests]

    Prologue: Many many years ago Civilization destroyed this planet, but a group of scientist had a solution. Launch capsules into orbit with technology to recreate life once the planet become habitable again. On board was you, an artificial lifeform tasked with returning civilization to the...
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    [1.7.10] Post Finem (after the end) [Tech][HQM][Hardcore] version 1.1.0

    STORY: The earth was unable to support the exponentially growing population of humans. Wars began to break out between the small nation states over the dwindling food and water supplies. Once the energy crisis hit, the super powers join the fray. No on will remember who launch the first nuke but...
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    Landstryder Plays Minecraft (Agrarian Skies, Modded and Hardcore Modded, Nomad Survival, UHC)

    Just a short while ago I finally got up the courage to start making YouTube videos. My first attempt at making a hardcore series was a pretty ruff and rather short excursion into the Horizons mod pack. Then I started season two of my nightmare series when Agrarian Skies was still fairly new. Now...