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    End portal missing? Direwolf20 1.6.4

    I've been looking for the end portal on my world for the last hour with no results. I actually found a place where the eye of ender stops and floats but there is no stronghold nearby. I've dug tunnels all around. Am I just totally missing something? Thanks for your time!!
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    DW20 Redstone Energy Cell not connecting

    I've noticed that for some reason I can not get my Redstone Energy Cell to connect to my energy conduits thus it gets no charge. I've made sure that my power input is up and that there are no redstone torches or levers powering it. I can't see any graphical connection. Has anyone had this...
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    Direwolf20 1.6.4 v 1.0.12 update barrel AE bug

    The server I use updated the DW20 modpack to 1.0.12 and since then items in barrels connected to Applied Energistics storage bus's don't show up in the terminal. I've tried to taking items out and putting them back and I've made sure that the settings on my storage bus's were correct. I know...
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    Bee Breeding Problems DW20 1.5.2

    This is the second time I've Posted here about a bee problem xD Anyway for some reason I can't get anything other than a cultivated princess from a common princess cultivated drone combo although I should be able to get either diligent or noble bees from said combination. I have gotten noble...
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    Forestry bee automation Direwolf20 1.5.2

    Hey I've noticed that when bees are set up to auto breed the way direwolf20 does it any bees that don't fit into the apiary get shot out the top instead of getting bounced back down into the apiarist pipe. Is this a new feature or just a bug? Edit: Also I forgot to add. All honeycomb gets shot...
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    ComputerCraft Figurine Raspberry Pie

    I just noticed that dan200 sells little 3D printed turtle figurines and I had the amazing idea to put a raspberry pie in it. Has anyone done anything like this before? Also It would be nice if the turtles were a tiny bit hollow. Would a raspberry pie actually fit inside of it? I've had very...