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    AE & Lapatron Crafting Workaround

    Guys, after some time and effort I have a singing and dancing AE system with a large crafting system. Now I'm moving to IC2 for Crafting Machines (i.e Fake Recipes) as they're faster once overclocked. Right here we go, I'm aware of the item change that occurs with the "Energy Crystal" once it...
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    Infinite Dyes / Lapiz

    Guys I'm currently testing a system that in the DW20 Pack creates infinite Lapiz, going to leave for a few hours on my server to see how slow. The though came to me when I noticed Dyed wool can be pulverised for a 25% chance to get the Dye back. I don't know what mod adds 1 dye, to dye 8 wool...