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  1. Flexico

    Mod to Release Pets in 1.20.1?

    I have Domestication Innovation, which is a wonderful mod, but there doesn't seem to be any way to release pets back into the wild. Is there a mod that can do this in 1.20.1?
  2. Flexico

    Deep Space Turtle Chase - Working Install?

    After some digging, I've managed to find the map and texture pack (MCv1.1), but the jar mods just cause it to crash! The stuff I found was weirdly organized in multiple ZIP files, so I'm wondering if anybody has a proper working install in a modern program like MultiMC or something.
  3. Flexico

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Is there a mod (or some other way) to see the region file borders in-game the way F3+G shows chunk borders?
  4. Flexico

    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    Two fairly small mods I love are unavailable on most versions: Carry-On is only for recent versions of MC, and Peach Dudes is only for Beta versions. I'd love to have both of those available on MC 1.2.5! If you're wondering why I'm using that version, the answer is simple nostalgia! The Lasers...
  5. Flexico

    Old mods for MC 1.2.5?

    I'm on a nostalgia kick and I'm digging through my old files to play some mods from the 1.2.5 era! Main two I'm digging for are Gulliver and Little Blocks, but all the download links are dead. And if anybody else has an archive of 1.2.5 mods they're willing to share, I'd super appreciate it! ^^
  6. Flexico

    Original Cake Defense Map?

    Does anyone have a copy of the ORIGINAL map that I could download? Cake Defense 2 uses loads of command blocks, but I'm fascinated by the original version that did it all with regular redstone! Like, the way it spawned mobs on command was blocking the entire area around a spawner, then using...
  7. Flexico

    Any Waila-type mods for 1.14.4 for Fabric?

    I've spent the last hour googling and I haven't been able to find one that works! ><
  8. Flexico

    [1.18.2] Curio Slot for Mekanism Jetpack?

    The jetpacks from "Iron Jetpacks" mod can be put into the "Body" Curio slot, but Mekanism's (much superior) jetpack can't! I googled for a mod that adds support, but I couldn't find one.
  9. Flexico

    How to Trick Minecraft about the Date?

    Is there a way to make Minecraft think it's a particular time/date without changing the system clock? I have been playing around with the old April Fools updates but some of them only work if the system clock reads April First. I'm considering making a virtual machine to run Minecraft in, but...
  10. Flexico

    [1.18.1] Create Minecart Contraption Crash

    1. I tried editing my level.dat in NBTExplorer, but there was no minecart contraption item in it, so the item must be in the world as an entity. 2. The thing wasn't very big at all! Block-wise or NBT-wise. It was just a furnace engine with a few cogs and a belt that I used for portable power. 3...
  11. Flexico

    [1.18.1] Create Minecart Contraption Crash

    Yesterday I spent most of the day playing MC with the Create mod (among others) but at one point when I clicked on a minecart contraption with a wrench to pick it up, the game just up and crashed. I tried reloading it, but as soon as the world started to render, it crashed again. I've spent a...
  12. Flexico

    [1.18.1] Using Client-Side Datapacks on Servers

    There are two datapacks I have installed on my server, one that displays your coordinates and direction while holding a compass, and the other adds splash animations for water. However, because they are client-side display-based packs, they don't work when playing on the server. Is there a way...
  13. Flexico

    [Valhelsia 3 - 1.16] Which mod is it?

    Aha -- since nobody else knew I just went and googled each mod individually, and found it's called Polymorph. Hope this helps someone if google leads you to this thread! XD
  14. Flexico

    [Valhelsia 3 - 1.16] Which mod is it?

    I recently played the Valhelsia 3 modpack with a friend, and one of the mods in the pack allowed me to choose between different results in the case of recipe conflict between mods. For example, rubies can craft ruby tools in both ProjectRed and BluePower, but since the rubies are in the ore...
  15. Flexico

    Applied energetics me crafting terminal bug

    What versions of Minecraft/Forge/AppliedEnergistics are you using? And what other mods are installed?
  16. Flexico

    1.17.1 Forge Hangs While Loading in Linux

    Mineceraft 1.17.1 Forge 37.0.65 Linux Mint 20.1 Windows 10 I know it's Linux because the exact same setup loads fine in Windows (I have a data partition accessible by both), and I know it's Forge because it happens even with no other mods installed. Near the end of the Mojang loading screen...
  17. Flexico

    How Will Mods Handle Ore Doubling Going Forward?

    Now that Minecraft has not only added copper ore, but a whole new system for increasing your ore yield with Fortune enchantments, how will this affect mods like Thermal Expansion and Create, which have machines that perform similar things? Will the machines yield even more materials than Fortune...
  18. Flexico

    Anything like RedPower Wires for 1.16.x?

    I am loving playing around with mods in 1.16.5 (especially Create), but every time I turn around I'm thinking, "Ok I'll use red alloy wires to connect that to -- wait, crud." XD I have Bluepower, but that doesn't have the wires in (yet?), and it doesn't seem to be made very well overall. I read...
  19. Flexico

    IndustrialCraft 2 Iridium Problem

    In recent versions of IC2, UU-Matter is now a liquid that must be fed into a Replicator to create materials. You need a sample of Iridium (found in dungeon chests) to put into a Scanner, then place a Pattern Storage next to it and the Replicator next to that. The pattern Storage will save the...
  20. Flexico

    [1.16.4]New Mekanism Functionality?

    All the wikis I checked must be outdated, as none of their instructions seem to work. How do you color pipes? I have a logistical sorter color-coding things but I can't figure out how to color the pipes to tell stuff where to go!