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    FTB Beyond Town Hall

    Hello, I have some questions on pack testing. On servers: Is there other testing done on servers other than the FTB One server? Any thoughts to adding established communities with experienced staff as testing servers if not already done? On adding/removing mods during testing: Do you have...
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    Closed Hatchery + Chickens egg dupe

    Fixed in 3.0.5, I believe
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    Open EU2 Generator and IE connector crash when connected

    BluSunrise has an updated version of IE to fix this. This issue causes crash loops on servers, fairly major issue. Can also replicate with Simple Generators in place of EU2 in Infinty Lite 1.3.2
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    Open Railcraft workshop chest generates but items aren't generated inside it.

    It has already been reported to Railcraft
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    Open Client crashes from Botania Mana Bursts

    Just adding that we are having this issue as well
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    Feedback needed - Regarding FTB Infinity lite 1.10

    When your thoughts became "oh boy, this pack doesn't have enough, lets add lite to the name". Those thought should have been this "Oh boy, this pack doesn't have enough, lets give it a different name"
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    Also having the same issue
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    Modpack Update Question

    Since this is kind of related, I didn't want to start a new thread. I am fairly new to DW20 packs so I do not know what happens, now that he ended his current Let's Play season, will the pack continue to be updated or is it essentially done?
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    Modpack Update Question

    Hello, I was kind of curious how the modpack updates are done. Looking in particular to Infinity and DW20. These packs generally seem to be updated around the same time. Are they managed by the same people? How is it decided what mods get updated to what version? (asking about common, already...