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    Solved Blaze rod dupe bug.

    Alright. Thanks for the update Snow.
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    Solved Blaze rod dupe bug.

    Yes, I do know that the term Dupe Bug is not really the appropriate term to use for this. "Unbalanced Interaction" would be a better term. As for the fix, as Gamerwithnogame said, the unbalance is more on Integrated Dynamics, then Thermal Expansion. Reason I say this is the majority of mods...
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    Solved Blaze rod dupe bug.

    Summary of the problem Blaze rod dupe bug.(Unbalanced Interaction) Pack Version 1.7.0 What is the bug? The bug is an unbalanced interaction involving an interaction between Integrated dynamics and either thermal expansion or industrial craft. If you convert a blaze rod into powder, using an...
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    Looking for Farming Companion mod(1.10.2).

    I'm also hoping to be able to control the prices for buying and selling of crops and food individually so I can re-ballance the entire marketing of the pack. This way, for example, a crop will be worth one amount, while a food item crafted from said crop will be worth a bit more then the crops...
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    Looking for Farming Companion mod(1.10.2).

    I'm looking for a companion mod for a farming based modpack I'm working on. The pack it's self works well and is pretty fleshed out, if minimally, with farming mods like harvestcraft and mystical crops, but it feels like something is missing. Namely, something to actually DO with all the crops...
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    Open World crash on big Refined Storage Autocrafting job

    This is a bug that combines refined storage and the mod that shows details of the block looked at. The crash happens the moment you mouse over the controller. The info window tries to show the updated info on the controller, but gets an overflow of sorts, crashing Java. One way to "fix" it...
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    Open Matto Achievement

    it's not tinkers that removed it, but a second mod that prevents repeated recipes from showing up in JEI, so you don't get as many of this "This item is the same but uses this metal instead" type recpies
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    Open Matto Achievement

    step 1: Build a tool station(tinkers construct) step 2: look in tool station for crafting recipe step 3: create the needed part stencils in the stencil table(tinkers construct) step 4: build the required parts in the part builder(tinkers construct) if using non metal parts step 5: assemble parts...
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    Open Crash from mousing over a Refined Storage Controller after returning from RFTools Dimension

    Summary of the problem Crash from mousing over a Refined Storage Controller after returning from RFTools Dimension Pack Version 3.0.6 What is the bug? The Bug is a hard game crash when the player mouses over the Controller(block) for the mod Refined Storage. This crash ONLY rears up after...
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    Bug Extra Utilities 2/Ender-IO Wireless power interaction bug.

    @GamerwithnoGame Oh! Your right! It is Extra Utilites 2. I'll update the post and title to correct this. I've been working a lot with actually additions so I got my mods crossed... :\ Good catch. But the oddity is the same though wether it is a bug or intended is not known.
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    Bug Extra Utilities 2/Ender-IO Wireless power interaction bug.

    I have found a Bug of sorts that involves an (unintended???)interaction between the Extra Utilities 2 Wireless RF Transmitter and the Ender IO Energy Conduits. This bug causes the Wireless RF Transmitter to treat each segment of Ender IO conduit as a separate energy requiring device. This...
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    Request A Block that can deflect/stop/block skeleton arrows

    If you have BC installed, you might be able to get by using obsidian pipes to "catch" the arrows fired at your snowman. Should still work... Hopefully... Though you'll need at least a redstone engine connected to each obsidian pipe to boost its vacuum range, and a chest to dump the arrows...
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    1.0.3: Band of Mana No bar?

    The mana bar only shows up after the first time you add mana too it. If you have not added mana too the band of mana first, then it will not show up. But if you have, then it is indeed an issue. I keep forgetting to fill mine to see if it works since restarting the map in 1.0.3
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    How can i convert EU to RF, OR power laser drills, DW20

    Oh, Applied energistics P2P tunnel should be able to import EU. And if it can not convert it directly to RF, it should be able to change it to MJ, which an Extra Utilities energy node should be able to convert to RF. Not the most efficient setup, but should be a better net conversion then...
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    1.0.3: Ore Generation Concerns

    it's a little off topic, but you should be able to simply use ender IO with filters, using meta data, to filter between damaged and undamaged items. Might get a bit convoluted doing it this way, but should be doable. otherwise, AE can do that by using a sub-net with fuzzy import/export busses...
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    Direwolf20 1.7 pack, sludge keeps spawning in any type of superflat preset

    If you don't want to turn them off completely, you can also tweak the rarity of the lakes down to a very low level, in the same config file. this way they only spawn as rarely as one lake per 20 chunks or more. The MFR config is in the minecraft/config/powercrystals folder of the direwolf20_17...
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    1.0.3: BM Sigil of the Dome doesn't exist

    There is also one sigil named "unnamed". Possibly something missed or one being phased out? Could be that one as well. Just look up Sigil in NEI to find it.
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    1.0.3: Ore Generation Concerns

    Though, even using height based mining tunnels, silver and lead are sparse enough that more time then necessary is needed to find sufficient amounts for use in factorization builds. At least early on. For all the rest of the ores though, height based mining nets you more then enough to...
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    1.0.3: Ore Generation Concerns

    Iron has a good spawn rate overall, but it is a lot lower then it is in vanilla. It also has the most ores in the "rare" clusters of any ore. But mining deep does mean you miss out on a lot more iron then you used to. IMO, just requires a different mining method.
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    Funky Locomotion builds

    NESW movement can be done the same way as redpower, or thanks too three types of frame movers in this mod, several other ways. Redpower style 4-axis caterpillar drive: Simple 2-axis caterpillar drive...