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    Curseforge is ruining modded minecraft

    It used to be hard to make a modpack; so only people who could do hard things made them. Now you can literally copy/paste someone else's pack and release it publicly. And so now, when you tell someone you have a modpack, they just roll their eyes. The first pack I made I posted it on Minecraft...
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    Problem FTB App says my pack is Fabric

    My pack is a Forge pack and it shows up as such on the Curseforge launcher, but on FTB App it says it is Fabric and won't download or install. The pack name is MEGA BUILDER. I reported this on Github a couple of months ago and there has been no response...
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    Request Modpack originality scores

    You see a lot of packs that are basically just clones of other packs. Sometimes they are intentionally cloned and sometimes not. I expect there is a way to score modpacks on their originality. Mods, configs, scripts and other? This is something Curseforge could do, until we (someday...
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    Can anyone help MrCrafish and Linux users?

    MrCrayfish's Vehicles mod depends on Controllable which allows a player to use a gamepad to play the game with. It doesn't work on Linux and the only "workaround" I could find (AntiMicroX) doesn't work well at all. This has been reported twice as a bug on his github...
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    Request Minecart Loader/Unloader Mod

    It is a powered rail that detects if a minecart chest on it is empty or full. It has a normal and an inverted mode. In normal mode it powers when the minecart chest is full (this would be for a loader - you would have a hopper above the minecart chest to load it), and in inverted mode it...
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    Open Recipe conflict

    Summary of the problem Recipe conflict Pack Version 1.2.0 What is the bug? Both "Actually Additions" and "Quark" have recipes for charcoal blocks. The Quark version can be lit on fire like netherrack. Personally, I think it's brilliant, and I'm sure if the Hermitcraft guys saw it they...
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    Why no fast leaf decay?

    Um, yeah. One of the best mods ever is no longer in FTB Unstable, fast leaf decay. What's up with that? Because of Botania? One lousy flower? I love Botania, don't get me wrong, but one flower hardly seems worth getting rid of a sweet mod and Vaskii could find a way around it I'm sure. I sure...
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    Is moving spawners OP?

    So, hypothetically let's say I have a mod that requires a netherstar and provides a way to move spawners in an otherwise vanilla modpack. Why do I want to use it? I'm only going to want one beacon for practical purposes, i.e. speed mining. Maybe to move a skele spawner to the nether so I a can...
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    Is moving spawners OP?

    Hmm, I'm generally on the side of harder is better but there's no point in making an expensive tool that has an easy way around it in vanilla - unless the mod breaks that workaround.
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    Is moving spawners OP?

    The natural spawn rate is really high if the only place for mobs to spawn is in your grinder. All it takes is some cobble and a couple hours to build, and I've never actually built a three-level darkroom because a single-level works so well. I think most modded players are only familiar with the...
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    Is moving spawners OP?

    I keep getting the impression that people think that to move spawners there should be a very high price, i.e. the cost should be nether stars or greater. Why? With 15 stacks of cobble I can make a vanilla mob grinder that will give me 30 levels in 15 minutes. I've made this so many times I'm...
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    FTB Utilities Chunk loader

    Searching high and low and I can't find how to chunk load with FTB Utilities. Does claiming chunks load them also? Is it even a thing? I know it was promised, and a lot of people seem to think it exists, but how to do it?
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    Bug No longer receiving email notifications

    Yeah, that's not it. Actually, I am getting emails, I realize. Just not for the thread that matters, the one for my modpack. It does say I'm watching the thread, but no emails when people post to it.
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    Bug No longer receiving email notifications

    According to my preferences I should be getting email notifications when people post on my threads, but that stopped happening a month or two ago. Every time I come to the forum there are alerts I didn't know about. If someone responds to this I probably won't know about it for weeks...
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    [1.7.10]SkyMyst - Quest: Rebuild the shattered world with RFTools. Jetpack and lemonade provided!

    Make an endermen spawner with ender io. I wouldn't count on endermen for dimlets though, it's an extremely rare drop. Make a random dimension to start with and you'll find plenty of dimlets there.
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    [1.7.10] KoretexKomplete - V1.4.0 - 211 mods! [Stable] True Flagship modpack experience

    Flagship? From Wikipedia: As with many other naval terms, flagship has crossed over into common parlance, where it means the most important or leading member of a group. It has also come to be an adjective describing the most prominent or highly touted product, brand, location, or service among...
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    [1.7.10]SkyMyst - Quest: Rebuild the shattered world with RFTools. Jetpack and lemonade provided!

    Sounds like something is corrupted. Try another pack and see how it runs. If that's okay, try creating a new world with SkyMyst. If there's a problem with that, then delete the SkyMyst folder and download the pack again. I'm not seeing any GL ERRORs either. That could be a sign that something...
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    [1.7.10]SkyMyst - Quest: Rebuild the shattered world with RFTools. Jetpack and lemonade provided!

    I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not seeing any issues - memory usage looks normal to me. You might try rebooting your computer and trying it again. I sometimes have problems with modpacks after long play sessions if I go back and forth between watching videos and playing especially with videos being...
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    [1.7.10]SkyMyst - Quest: Rebuild the shattered world with RFTools. Jetpack and lemonade provided!

    Well, there you go. I'll push out an update ASAP.
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    How to add or change loot in Minecraft Roguelike Dungeons

    This was technically possible before, but you sure didn't see many people doing it. Check out the roguelike dungeons config in BnB and you'll see why. Eyamaz is one hard workin' dude! Greymerk has been slaving away on the code these last few weeks and now even a dummy like me can figure how to...