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    Whitelist Server BroCraft | Agrarian Skies | 2.1.9 | Whitelist

    IGN: ashtoash Age: 17 Timezone: U.S. Central Standard Experience with Agrarian Skies: Played a good bit. can't get past the tech quests alone >.< Experience with Modded Minecraft: Played MANY modpacks and mostly focus on magical ones and Dimension adding ones. Many hours played through Magic...
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    Whitelist Server VoxelSeries|Agrarian Skies V.1|Whitelist|Skyblock|Teamspeak|

    In-Game Name: ashtoash Age:17 Time Zone: Central Standard (USA) How often do you play: Most days for a few hours Favorite mods/Pack: Mystcraft and thaumcraft by majority but I enjoy pixelmon and Scapecraft too Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes (optional) YouTube/Twitch: Have one...
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    [0.5.1] Technomancy Discussion-Ore processing like a boss

    O.O considering I both love addons for thaumcraft and that my skin is a technomancer I must get this when it releases. May the gods rain praise upon thee and the metallic lords bend to thy will.