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    Thaumcraft node manipulation - what?

    Don't know if anyone has tried this- but I saw a youtube video where a guy used a hungry node, feeding it loads of crap via tubes etc - And then when he had it fed to the right size / strength, he was able to bottle it in an even easier way than the difficult bottle technique. You can use...
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    Is Using A Centralized Power Grid A Good Idea

    I implemented this sort of plan for a town in my Server. A town in the middle of the wilderness, was being harassed by zombies, skeletons and spiders, so I installed a forcefield system that prevents hostiles getting inside the city walls. Powering the system became the problem. I decided to put...
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    It seems like all the server host providers are outrageously priced. Help?

    Ram is particularly nice if you have a huge amount of concurrently loaded chunks / players on a server. CPU is required for consistent tps and smooth chunk loading. However- the thing that is really important for huge multi-dimensional worlds, is disk space. You can have 100 players online all...
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    ftb infinity best power source?

    Realise this is an old thread- but surprised no one has mentioned the lightning rod? Immersive Engineering lightning rod captures 16 million rf per lightning bolt, put that in a lightning dimension, then pipe the energy out via tesseract. Your rod is likely to get struck at least 4+ times per...
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    Strange aura of death effect in FTB Infinity Evolved 2.5.0

    I've been playing FTB Infinity Evolved 2.5.0 for a while now - Primarily focusing on Thaumcraft, AE2, Witchery etc. I have Forge Essentials installed, and occasionally try to use /vanish to 'spy' on players - However I find that when I tp to close proximity of 'new' players, I end up hurting...
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    Need help with Spawn Area and protections

    You can install Forge Essentials and WorldEdit Forge - these are server side mods, so your players do not necessarily need to have them. Define an area around spawn city via //pos1 and //pos2 to make a rectangle. Then do /area define SpawnCity This will create a zone called SpawnCity...
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    How to schedule recurring commands?

    Turns out my host - BisectHosting - they use multicraft and it has a commands / scheduled commands web interface. I created a custom command for the cleaning up of items, scheduled it to run at a specific time and recur every 2 hours. Only problem is that you have to do this for the message and...
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    How to schedule recurring commands?

    Is there any plugin / config / script file I need to look at to schedule recurring commands. Eg: Say 'The Server will clean up loose items in 2 minutes' wait 2 minutes, then exceute the following '/xu_killitems' to kill ground items.
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    Are Dimension Mods Client Side mods?

    I've been looking at the source of some example tutorial mods. I can see sections of code that will be tagged as @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) This obviously means that the code runs on the client, but what I am unsure about is : does it require the client to have the mod's jar file. Basically want...
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    Thaumic Fire running amok

    Tried clear blocks and their replace blocks When I use their commands for other simple blocks it works very well, almost instantly changing them. When I try it for the thaumic fire (by block class and by numerical id) - it refuses to work for me. It just tells me that I entered the command wrong.
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    Thaumic Fire running amok

    The issue here is that the fire could actually be underground. It can spread vertically as well as horizontally. So it could be in underground caves that I cannot see from the air. :-( I was wondering about making a ComputerCraft turtle or command computer that could locate fire and kill it...
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    Thaumic Fire running amok

    It doesnt respect the fire spread rules of mc. /extinguish also ignores it All I can do is /replacenear 100 2125 0 to replace thaumic fire with air. But I run the risk of missing patches if it happens to be underground or out of range.
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    Can admin unclaim chunks? FTB Utilities

    Is there a way for Admins to remove claims on chunks - to get rid of lingering claims left by old players?
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    Thaumic Fire running amok

    Any console commands capable of finding / removing all blocks of all type within a dimension or replacing them with another? My problem is this - I have Thaumic Fire (Ignis Infused Fire) From Thaumic Tinkerer - seemingly running amok in the Overworld. I get rid of it, but then it seems to...
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    Tiara wings from Botany - glide not working properly

    It used to be that I could glide with the Botany wings while using Sword of the Zephyr. The result was continuous updraft and forward motion. However - something has changed in 2.1.3 Now when I am using the swords flight/uplift ability, the glide cannot be triggered. Another symptom of this is...
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    Draconic Reactor - Containing an explosion?

    With mods such as RFTools - Force Field projector, is it possible to contain the explosion caused by a Draconic Reactor? Eg: With a single awakened draconium block - its range for the explosion damage is like 20 blocks. If I were to enclose the reactor in a 10x10 field, would the field prevent...
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    Thaumcraft 4: Taint spread config

    Ok - I think im reasonably safe then. There is a single tainted node in the centre of a large land mass. I can't see it extending the taint any further than it already has. As for the fibrous taint - it does spread, but hopfully it wont go over biome boundaries
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    Thaumcraft 4: Taint spread config

    tbh - I am the only one who really plays with infusion, so flux is not likely the cause - and there is no node bullying going on. I am hoping that the taint config setting to 0 - just prevents it from exiting the chunk boundaries. Its already a large portion of land that has been tainted- I...
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    Eye of the Flügel : does it work for you?

    Using infinity evolved: Equip the eye in action bar, select it - no GUI options etc My understanding is that it should allow for up to 12 waypoints to be set?
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    Thaumcraft 4: Taint spread config

    Hey Guys, I have 0 in my config file for: biome_taint_spread This supposedly stops it from spreading. However I have just found a large area of my server that has been infected by taint. (Two tainted nodes were inside it) I thought - maybe the worldgen made them. Ok, thats fine - except that I...