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    Whitelist Server MC Alliance FTB Infinity survival server Looking for More Players

    IG Name (Case Sensitive) - Bluebean404 Age - 16 Normal Play Time - 3-4 hours per day Play Style - Building factories Favourite Mod - Applied Energistic 2/Ender IO Solo or Group - Solo, maybe group, if some wanted to play with Typer or talker (will you be joining us on Teamspeak) - typer
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    Whitelist Server InfinityCraft|FTB Infinity 1.2.0|Whitelist|24/7 DEDI|14GB.

    IGN (minecraft username): Bluebean404 Age: 16 Where do you live? (Country): Ukraine Timezone: +2 How long have you been playing mods?: about 2 years Why do you want to play on the server?: Because i like to play minecraft with other people, help and have fun! What are you like...
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    Whitelist Server Infinity 1.7 Australian Hosted 27/7 Server

    Hello, i am so glad that you opened FTB Infinity server, i wanna goin it:) IGN: Bluebean404 Age: 16 Location: Ukraine I am be glad to goin you server and have fun with other people:)))
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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Resurrection|1.0.0|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|

    Forum Name: Artemon90 Minecraft name: Bluebean404 Age: 24 Country: Ukraine How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? 2 years What do you like about modded minecraft?: I like tech, mining and grinding! Have you been banned? If so, why?: Nope What can you bring to the community...