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    The Magmatic Engine

    Why do we need to go over lava again is the real question... You go and build enough magmatic to keep up with a huge big reactor (let's say, hum, a million RF/t which isin't that much in certain case) That's 1 000 000/80= 12 500 dyanamo Yea I am sure your computer runs that Anytime and can...
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    TE 4 augments for secondary output

    It's +x% on the current percent Ex: 10% plus a 20% bonus does not give 30%. It gives 12% In your case, just unlucky (I think) You should have received (0.135*64)=8.64 but TBH, one stack is not a lot, try with 10-20 stacks
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    How do I get Enderman heads (for EnderIO)?

    I used an ender with looting 3 Per 10 enderman, it's about 4-6 head with 20-30 pearls
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    The Manufacturing Singularity

    Nice looking! Surprisingly I don't see the use of any p2p which is impressive :)
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    Direwolf20 season 7 - Huzzah!

    There is having long series and their is having fun to watch series... He makes em long but they get so boring to watch its not rly worth it
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    Direwolf20 season 7 - Huzzah!

    Like every DW20 series, so god dam fkn slow ...
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    What modpack?

    I would shamelesplug my pack but not much magic in spinning up :p but quite hardcore tech there :) but try DW20 pack :)
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    DW20 - Tinkers Construct Axes

    It places anything, including blocks!
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    Bug Monster > GasCraft > Can't find shale

    Back in the days I was still playing monster (1.1.1 and 1.1.2) I found a few, but they are very rare, maybe one in a 200 block radius or so
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    1.7.10 - Creative Building - A modded village Day Seven... I installed Growthcraft in order to make a mini brewery, but dosent look so quite good...
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    Moving power (RF) Using Dierwolf20 pack

    Yea I know, It's a matter of preference :P
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    [1.7.10][Tech][Skyblock][HQM] Spinning Up

    That is actually not me :P might be from where you are downloading the packs. Try using curseCDN (options:advanced, first line) You could also try the alternate download which is in the 1st spoiler!
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    Rainbow Tree Farm- TONS of Golden Apples

    they always dropped golden and notch apple
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    Moving power (RF) Using Dierwolf20 pack

    the regular node can transfer 10k/tick while the hyper is 1mil/tick I THINK!! But they also can transfer power through other nodes (liquid and item) which makes me take them over other cable
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    Moving power (RF) Using Dierwolf20 pack

    you need a QED to make transfer node and than bedrockium for hyper transfer nodes. It has the advantage that it can server the use of both tesseracct and cable, but it's no cheap
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    Would you play a pack that has greg tech in it?

    I would def play Greg Tech, but maybe not on a server, unless it's quite small and has pretty awesome specs. It gets quite laggy with the amount of exploration you need to do...
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    1.7.10 - Creative Building - A modded village

    Another thing I learnt: Chisel road can be put on fences!? Day Six
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    Thermal expansion help.

    depending on your modlist, you could use: XU pipe and energy node Mekanism universal pipe Ender IO conduit MFR rednet AE2 P2P (think it needs a conduit after but not 100% sure)
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    Thermal foundation
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    Steve Factory Manager programming help

    Just have an input from a item valve whitelisted to only the fully grown seed (or the pure) into a chest EDIT: nvm miss read Use the block detector with only the ID, any metadata, than hook it up to redstone emitter in the toggle bus Ex: Detects Yes: Emitter off No: Emitter on Need both or...