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    Mod Update: FastCraft 1.19 - More improvements and now allowing redistribution!

    FastCraft 1.19 - More improvements and now allowing redistribution! FastCraft release 1.19 Changelog: Version 1.17/1.18/1.19 - additional world gen lag reduction - fix texture glitches with Optifine - release preparations -...
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    Mod Update: Flaxbeard's SteamPower 0.27.3

    Flaxbeard's SteamPower 0.27.3 NEW: Natura integration. Raw Imphide can be steamed into Steamed Imphide. NEW: IndustrialCraft 2's Steam is now compatible with the Pressure Converter. API: Fixed usage of...
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    Mod Update: OpenComputers

    OpenComputers I'll write a full changelog for the release proper, for now here's a quick roundup of what changed an what I'd appreciate help testing with. Added: Tier 2 Microcontroller. Added: Drones...
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    Mod Update: ttCore 0.1.0-50

    ttCore 0.1.0-50 tterrag1098: Add a way to manually load lang files. Add ILoadEventReceiver Post Author: VictiniX888
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    Mod Update: B0bGary's Growable Ores 2.0.0

    B0bGary's Growable Ores 2.0.0 Updated for 1.7.10! Now with mod support! Metallurgy support now included! Post Author: VictiniX888
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    Mod Update: Botania r1.3-146

    Botania r1.3-146 R1.3 146 Added some christmas spark. ARE YOU JINGLING YOUR BELLS YET?! Fixed a major dupe with the Assembly Halo where right clicking a recipe would allow for more than one item to be crafted at once using...
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    Mod Update: Lycanites Mobs

    Lycanites Mobs Configs older than will be reset! New Rare Subspecies: The first rare subspecies has been added (all other subspecies are just uncommon), the Celestial Geonach! This is incredibly...
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    Mod Update: iBench 1.0.8

    iBench 1.0.8 Added trash slot Post Author: VictiniX888
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    Mod Update: Big Reactors 0.4.1A & 0.4.1A2

    Big Reactors 0.4.1A & 0.4.1A2 Big Reactors 0.4.1A is now available. Requirements: Minecraft 1.7.10, Forge or higher, CoFHCore 3.0.0B9 or higher. This update upgrades to the latest version of CoFHCore, which fixes crashes which may occur when using...
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    Mod Update: QuiverBow 75

    QuiverBow 75 - Changed the explosives to respect the mobGriefing gamerule now. (This also lets QuiverMobs respect it by extension.) Post Author: coolsquid321
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    Mod Update: Luppii's Ladders 0.5.0

    Luppii's Ladders 0.5.0 v0.5.0 Bridge Builder! A machine that will place up to 16 blocks in front of it, activated by redstone signal. Can be camouflaged. Toggle output side for Ladder Dispenser with GUI. Supports 3...
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    Mod Update: Drugs+ 1.4

    Drugs+ 1.4 - Added Munchies potion effect - Added Anti-Bacterial potion effect - Added Penicillin - Changed some drug effects - Balanced Villager trades - Added Codeine Prescription - Added New Villager trades - Cleaned up...
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    Mod Update: Loot++ 0.3 & 0.4

    Loot++ 0.3 & 0.4 -Added the ability to add and remove block drops -Added the ability to add and remove recipes -Added the ability to add and remove smelting recipes -Added a loot item that will turn into its type of loot -Added a...
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    Mod Update: AgriCraft 1.0.3

    AgriCraft 1.0.3 Release Post Author: SynfulChaot
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    Mod Update: Adventurers Amulets 1.5.0c

    Adventurers Amulets 1.5.0c Fixed Blank Slates not dropping when broken. (You're welcome Bashful) Post Author: coolsquid321
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    Mod Update: Traveller's Gear 1.12.2

    Traveller's Gear 1.12.2 - fixed: Derpy slot placement - hopefully (finally) fixed: That illusive NPE Post Author: coolsquid321
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    Mod Update: Iguanas Tinker Tweaks 2.1.0

    Iguanas Tinker Tweaks 2.1.0 2.1.0 * Tinker Weaponry Compatability * Lowered default chances for some suboptimal modifiers * Fix knockback-modifier on levelup being too weak (and therefore basically useless) *...
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    Mod Update: Tinkers Construct 1.8.1

    Tinkers Construct 1.8.1 1.8.1 * Standard Tinker Weapons can be used with Battlegear again * Fix moss on javelins sometimes removing ammo * Fix Daggers returning arrows * Fix stone-crossbow-bodies giving extra...
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    New Mod: Custom Main Menu

    Custom Main Menu Description This mod allows you to modify the main menu using a json file, you can modify the content / location of text and button elements. You can also move the splash text and add / move static images to the...
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    Mod Update: Clock HUD 1.1

    Clock HUD 1.1 Added configuration options for position and scale. Post Author: QKninja