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    Moderators: They make you lose count(Longest thread still alive!)

    I guess you are just a glutton for punishment, clicking things that mention peril :p 298
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    Break Mekanism Cables?

    Back to FTB after forever again...trying to "All The Mods" pack and I can't seem to quickly break Mekanism Cables, what tool is normally used? Not sure if it's a new mekanism issue or pack issue. Using any of the wrench's and shift+right click doesn't work.
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    Infinity Evolved - Claims and Linking Books

    Is there a way to allow people to use linking books within another players claim without adding them as a friend? We are setting up a small teleport room to each persons claim, but unless someone is a friend, they are unable to click on the linking book on the platform once they get to the...
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    Werewolf Organisation: Electric Boogaloo Redux

    Yup Yup...glad to be back! Gotta kill some werewolves and play some Gregtech...:)
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    Werewolf Organisation: Electric Boogaloo Redux

    woohoo Werewolf is still happening and I'm back!!! Totally getting into the next game...and hola everyone :)
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    Werewolf organisation

    go ahead and add me back to the list, think I can finally manage it again :)
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    Werewolf: Nice and Simple GAME THREAD

    wow...that game ended freaking fast....
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    Werewolf: Nice and Simple GAME THREAD

    Ignore me...I let the GMT difference confuse me :)
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    Werewolf: Nice and Simple GAME THREAD

    I vote Nojr as well, even though I'm way late...but since J never posted yesterday I figured I'd give it a shot :)
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    Werewolf: Nice and Simple GAME THREAD

    That line of reasoning makes perfect sense to me as well, vote soraZodia (and off topic a bit, but I just felt I needed to point out that not everyone on the face of the planet speaks perfect english...and this is a forum, we are not the kings of can't blacklist someone from a fun...
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    Werewolf: Nice and Simple GAME THREAD

    I agree, now...are you a werewolf? :D lol I'm going to vote for seiya4win, not because of annoyance, but because of logic that isn't really logic, can of course change it before nightfall if more information comes to light.
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    Werewolf: Nice and Simple GAME THREAD

    Staxed walks into the cafeteria contemplating if it would be easy to wipe the guts off skeletonpunk's icecream. "It's so hard to let a good bowl of icecream go!" After a few seconds, he thougth about it enough and decided against it. "Hmm, someone should sweep up that pile of ashes".
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    Sharing is Caring

    I take the spoils put them in the bank, ready to accrue interest for all eternity. I give a wave to the person below me as they pass by.
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    Werewolf: Nice and Simple GAME THREAD

    So, Staxed walks in after a long night of heavily doing absolutely nothing and witnesses first hand what a rowdy group of knowledgeless people can accomplish. Shouts are flying every where, people are pointing fingers, slapping hands, and repointing fingers. Quite a bit of language is tossed...