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  1. J

    A new project.

    Definitely go with Unleashed + some other interesting mods, such as dim. doors etc. I hope to see this server running soon, as I'll 100% be applying for it.
  2. J

    Didn't know you played UHC and FTB, I was in a match with you a day ago.

    Didn't know you played UHC and FTB, I was in a match with you a day ago.
  3. J

    Casual Server FeedTheBlazer (Unleashed)(Semi-Private)(Mature)(5-10 spots)

    Well, I am a fifteen year old student from London, England and I've been playing FTB since early in Ultimate's lifetime, and vanilla Minecraft since beta 1.8. I played Tekkit on a friends server for a while, but it was way back in 1.2.5 and he hosted it from his computer with Hamachi :) I heard...
  4. J

    Casual Server FTB Unleashed server! 1.5.2

    Not applying because I'm only 15, but your previous two posts basically just summed up why the internet hates twelve year olds.
  5. J

    A whole new world.

    Or make a bow and shoot from distance...?
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    Best fertilizer for MFR?

    So I am deliberating whether to use MFR's Industrial Fertilizer or IC2's fertilizer for my MFR tree farm. MFR fertilizer seems easier to come across, using cows and sewers, leading to a composter to create it, but the cows don't produce nearly enough sewage. IC2's fertilizer looks much easier to...
  7. J

    Casual Server Jack's Whitelisted FTB Ultimate Server

    Yep the server is in Europe, and you have all been whitelisted :)
  8. J

    Casual Server Jack's Whitelisted FTB Ultimate Server

    deleted due to me taking a break from ftb
  9. J

    Problem CreeperHost FTB 1.5.2

    So I just bought a server with creeper host but I can't find an option to install the 1.5.2 pack, all the other packs are there but not 1.5.2. Any idea how I can get it?
  10. J

    Casual Server Starting new server 1.5.2, need 1-2 ppl to play with

    IGN: waffleman9999 Not 18 but I do live in Europe, hopefully the age thing won't be a massive problem.
  11. J

    Looking for a specific server. (Ultimate)

    Well, I think it's safe to say whenever you do find a "sufficient" server you probably won't be on there long before you get banned for your horrible personality :)
  12. J

    The Ultimate Tinkers Construct Tools

    Well, here's my fav. TC pick and sword: Cobalt head Paper binding Manyulln rod Speed Moss Silky Emerald Manyulln blade Paper wide guard Manyulln rod Sharpness Moss Fiery Emerald Cobalt head Paper binding Manyulln rod Moss Speed Lapis Emerald 2 great picks and 5.5 heart damage sword.
  13. J

    Help me!

    Ok, you weren't helpful, end of story. This question has been answered now, and I really don't feel like getting into an argument with people who don't make any sense.
  14. J

    Help me!

    Wow, you're helpful aren't you? I know the sorting is different, it doesn't matter how I sort the ingots in the second pic because they are the only things in the network. Instead of trying to be a smart-arse, next time try and post something helpful.
  15. J

    Help me!

    Okay, so when I have 3 disks in my ME system, 1 preformatted for ingots, the items are all mixed up like this; Then, when I take out the 2 non-formatted disks, it works fine like this; (Ignore the sandstone, that's in a barrel with a storage bus on it) So, any ideas on how I can preformat...
  16. J

    New Enchantment?

    Thanks Bryce, very helpful :)
  17. J

    New Enchantment?

    So, I've done some digging on this and I can't find anything. Can anyone tell me what "Reading I" is, what it does and what mod adds it? Greatly appreciated :)
  18. J

    Casual Server TLSPulse|Private 1.5.2 CLOSED! look for the new version in the near future

    -Username: waffleman9999 -Age: 15 -Where are You from? London lad, like you :) -Have you ever got banned and why? nope -Why do you want to join? because I would like to play on a good ftb server for once -(optional)A mod which you know how to use the best? Uh, I guess I love the Twilight Forest...
  19. J

    Useful food mod ID

    Update your java and change one of the id's to something that is not 770 or anything else that is taken.
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    Minecraft in memes