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  1. Rjwiger

    [Listed] [1.7.10] Refuge [Jampacked 2 Entry] [HQM] [FTB Launcher] [Curse Client]

    in your screenshot above its in your download bar at the bottom left?
  2. Rjwiger

    [1.7.10] Marooned

    Is there any word on this pack?
  3. Rjwiger

    [1.7.10] Evolution of the Harvest [HQM Pack][CTM][CustomNPCs]

    Watching, Waiting. Looks Good!
  4. Rjwiger

    Now Listed - Banished V 1.4.0 [Magic][Cave world][HQM][Combat][Survival]

    Great Pack! not super easy!!
  5. Rjwiger

    [1.7.10] The Langoliers [Jampacked2] [Curse] [FTB] [HQM] [Release v1.0] - 140+ Quests 2 Storylines

    Loving this pack! wish there was an auto packager. lol and some of the crafting quests dont work but i did /hqm edit so i can still progress!
  6. Rjwiger

    [Listed] [1.7.10] Refuge [Jampacked 2 Entry] [HQM] [FTB Launcher] [Curse Client]

    Can't play to laggy. :( and fastcraft crashes.
  7. Rjwiger

    [1.7.10] [Post apocalyptic] Don't Forget

    Looks Cool
  8. Rjwiger

    [1.7.10] Ingenuity - Are you Ingenious? ---- Where's all the usual mods?!?! o.O

    Looks Good! Giving it a try right now.
  9. Rjwiger

    [1.7.10] Ultimate Questpack [WIP][800+ Quests][HQM][OpenWorld]

    Please hurry! lol sounds Great!!!