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    GregTech in FTB Ultimate 1.1.0 and Reactors

    This post might help shed some light on it: You could also try making a creative world, putting down a gregtech computer cube, and using the built-in reactor planner; I think that has a better chance of being updated...
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    Modular Powersuit Energy twitch?

    I can't help with the rest of it, but I know the answer to this one: IC2 tools are assigned to technology tiers, and can't be recharged by a batpack of a lower tier than they are; that's why the mining laser can't be recharged from the lithium batpack. In older versions of the mod, the MPS...
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    Hardmode playthrough

    I disagree on several points; all vanilla wood can be gotten without trees at all via EE3. Both sand and gravel can be gotten in a renewable fashion by pulverizing cobble. Oh yeah - re: Xeno's, I forgot you said mindcrack. No end stone for you, then.
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    Hardmode playthrough

    Some corrections/additions/suggestions: Nikolite has a uu-matter recipe. 4 uum -> 12 nikolite dust. Basalt can be made via minium stone as well as the other methods listed. 6 cobble -> 1 basalt cobble. You can get some types of bees without breaking hives by raiding apiaries in villages. If...
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    Best alternative to XYcraft fabricators

    I have to say that there is one special case where it isn't. The GregTech electric crafting table will return empty cells from most crafting recipes that use filled cells. I've saved hundreds (maybe thousands, I haven't kept track particularly carefully) of tin by using it for things like the...
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    Best MJ generation method?

    The interesting thing is that his fuel generators tend to be significantly better for IC2 fuels than base IC2 (more energy per bucket, at a higher output rate, requiring fewer processing steps), but for BC fuels he seems to have decided that it's best to not step on anyone's toes and just fall...
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    Best MJ generation method?

    Only if you have some sort of objection to using biofuel, as it beats the Still hands-down in both efficiency and speed. Forestry Still: 80 biomass -> 24 Biofuel in ~1,733 seconds, costing ~206,000 MJ Distillation Tower: 80 biomass -> 40 Biofuel in 100 seconds, costing 64,000 EU (~25,600 MJ...
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    Best MJ generation method?

    I think you have those out of order; the blulectric has a theoretical maximum of 32 MJ/t (although in my experiments with it there were pretty strong diminishing returns when attempting to power it past 20-25 MJ/t; it's just difficult to scale blulectric power generation/transmission up that...
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    The Tips and Tricks for AE..

    An ME Drive with 10 1k cells, each preformatted to hold a specific item, will cost 6 energy per tick and hold 127 stacks of each item. This is the same energy cost as 6 storage buses, and holds about as much as 2 barrels of each item. Replace the 1k cells with 4k cells, and the energy cost goes...
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    Xycraft Multitanks and Lag.

    It's possible to duplicate (heh) the bug with other RP setups. I had the same thing happen with a T5 soul shard that was used in conjunction with transposers to collect mob drops - pretty much the same as the mob spawner setups that I've seen in one or two of the mindcrackers' videos...
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    Bee Serums on Princesses, Drones or Queens?

    Yes, that's exactly how it seems to be treated; but the claim I was disputing was "no effect on offspring".
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    Bee Serums on Princesses, Drones or Queens?

    I can attest that this is false: I got a tropical queen from a village, not having found any tropical bees previously. I used effect cancelation and maximum fertility serums on it and put it in an apiary, and both engineered traits passed on to the offspring.
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    Automating Implosion Compressor with AE

    GT advanced regulator or GT advanced buffer can insert to specific inventory slots. GT advanced translator can insert to a side other than the one it's attached to (so you can attach it to the side and have it insert to the bottom, for example).
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Only the Austere and Valiant bees need to be jubilant to produce their specialty - any other type that has a specialty will produce their specialty as long as they have sufficient tolerances to work at all.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    No; assuming you have Extra Bees installed, as long as you can get some ender bees it is possible to breed them without the egg - it's just harder than if you have the egg. You just have to isolate some other type of pollination trait (say, the basic flower pollination trait that typical bees...
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    applied energistics advanced autocrafting

    You can use a GT advanced regulator to do that: set it to insert the refined iron and iron ore in the top slot, the coal dust and calcium carbonate in the bottom slot, and attach the interface with the crafting patterns to the regulator instead of directly to the furnace.
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    Thaumcraft arcane bore not working

    This might help:
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    Applied Energistics sorting question

    What I like to do for this sort of situation is the following: put an item tesseract on top of each recycler set to a "recycler in" frequency and on "receive only". Then I have level emitter triggered export buses attached to "send only" tesseracts on the same frequency. You can have up to 6...
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    Exporting exact number of item

    This won't do what they want even in the simple case, actually. The external recipes don't wait to have all the necessary ingredients before sending out what is already in storage, so you wind up with the exact same situation as using an export bus - a partial recipe clogging up the system...
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    Hard mode config for Thermal Expansion?

    The second set (if turned to true) allow other mods to override existing recipes for those machines: for example, if those are set to true GregTech will override some pulverizer recipes, increasing the amount of redstone you get per ore to match the amount you get from the macerator, pulverize...