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    On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending

    Good! It'll be nice to have a launcher that works properly again.
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    Open Damaged hammer can't craft plates

    There are two ways of rolling back UniDict. 1: If you're using the Twitch/Curse launcher, go into the Profile Settings for the pack, and unlock the pack. Then, in the pack's profile, go to the Installed Mods list, click on UniDict from the list, then click the Versions button at the top of its...
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    Open Damaged hammer can't craft plates

    Duo is correct. This is a bug with UniDict. It's an ongoing issue that the developer is working on (see issues #90 [open], #84 [closed], and #48 [closed] on UniDict's Github). It's only partially fixed in the most recent version, but for now can reportedly be worked around by rolling UniDict...
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    Open Light Level Overlay Reloaded not working

    I ran into this problem when I started. It turns out that the keybind for Toggle On/Off is not set by default in this pack. Have you tried manually setting it to F4 in the Controls menu?
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    Twitch enters agreement to purchase Curse.

    I hadn't heard about this. I can see how it makes sense for both companies, though. Hoping the changes won't be too sweeping.
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    Good enough for me. I was half way through updating it myself; this saves me the rest of the (fairly tedious) trouble.
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    [Feature Request] Resizable Launcher Window

    I was browsing the modpacks in the FTB launcher today, trying to get an idea of which mods are in what, when it occurred to me that I'm trying to read a lot of information squashed into a very small space, resulting in a lot of scrolling and a little bit of squinting. I understand there's a...
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    RedPower2 pre6 crash?

    I'm running into a similar problem. Whatever the problem is, it seems to be messing up RedPower's autoassign algorithm such that it assigns the same ID to a whole load of different items. See my redpower.cfg here: Note that a couple of dozen items have been...