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    making videos for youtube check it out

    making videos for youtube check it out
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    Best Starter Finds (Any pack)

    A ender in dark pickaxe with iguana tweaks installed with tied progression. It has a mining level of cobalt before even making a flint pickaxe to eventually get to iron
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    Become part of my game

    Well today is first day I was able to play since I posted this and I got a blood moon rising so perfect to spawn lots of mobs and so far @lenscas is one of the few that spawned unfortantly no head was dropped. I didn't have time to really see the skin just spam clicking from all the mobs. Same...
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    Become part of my game

    All have been added to my configs so far now to wait and see if my sword will say hi Edit: bow mine is rdemay91 a green eyed ninja in black if anyone plans on adding the names gathered here to there own game.
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    Become part of my game

    Yea I thought of that as well make entire structure towards the heads of my fallen victims(those who walk in front of my sword a few times) lol
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    Become part of my game

    As the title says. But not physically in the game cause I don't host a server or anything yet. I like the mod headcrumbs and have it in my custom mod pack. In the configuration is alot of minecraft players from ftb twitch modde rs and such. Well its nice but it also allows you to add usernames...
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    Infinity + Rotarycraft/Reactorcraft

    I think it looks good. I've seen buildings irl the cut into landscape and build a retaining wall which can't look good and kinda go with landscape if done correctly. But it's not my world to work on
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    Looking for a team of fun players to play on a custom server

    I like anything I've played many different packs since I started playing minecraft. My timezone is gmt-6
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    Looking for a team of fun players to play on a custom server

    I agree team building can be fun and is a great way to learn more mods as well. I would like to join if possible.
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    Import chest from other world/chest?

    Problem from switching packs is the ids can be different so items will be different. You could go into creative and cheat the items in. At least most then go from there.
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    I Derp, You Derp, We all Derp, What's your's?

    Decided to farm the Gaia Guardian 2.0 for runes. Spawned 34 in at once and was using my raiper to go to town on them and doing just fine. I crashed through part of the battle and had to relogged. I lost a lot of items. NEVER SPAWN TO MANY GAIA GAURDIANS. results my vary
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    Infinite creative me storage cells

    I made a custom pack to play and test a couple mods I've never used before. As thread title reads ae2 is in. I've spent a few hours just slacking off looking for a place to call home. I've added chocolate quest mod for the dungeon creations to make the scenery a bit more lively. Well with that...
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    Has anyone ever seen a naturally-spawned Blizz?

    Me personally I see them about the same as spider jockeys here and there but only when I'm in a snow biome.
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    So, Thaumcraft 4.2 node bullying

    Would the torcherino mod actually help with the bullying process? I don't know how nodes determine what to do each tick but if its based on random ticks then you could make a energized node have millions of CV/tick. Probably not that high but yea insane fast.
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    I need help!!!!

    Its research clues in a way. Must scan something else before that item/block. Its like a riddle find something that moves and try to scan it and see if it works. There are pages that describe an order in which to scan certain items to get the vast of the research and not run into that problem.
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    1.7.10 Worlds Beyond (custom pack)

    Keep this going I enjoy it and the mountains look awesome
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I like them name of what ever it is in the minimap but for cakes idk
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    Mystcraft question

    Delete the book in game and delete the age from the save folder. Single player easy. Server same i believe. Unless you don't have access to it.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    It does void damage that why it nearly one shot you. Jordsutils armor prevents void damage or use to so should help. But get the armor from draconic evolution it prevents void damage.
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    Looking for partner(s) to start a HQM modpack with

    Wat modpack and would you be hosting or dedicated server? And timezone so times meet up.