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    Infinity Lite - Mekanism related crash

    Title Infinity Lite - Mekanism related crash Launcher Type Curse App Modpack Infinity Lite Modpack version 1.0.1 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue Attempted to break a Mekanism Basic Energy pipe with empty hand and...
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    FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock

    I have to agree with that idea, at least as far as it would be reasonable in regards to issues we in the general public may or may not have knowledge of. A standing task list, not locked down, so it can be updated as the dynamics of development may sometimes reveal unexpected issues, or even...
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    FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock

    You know, watching that argument go back and forth, I was reminded of nothing so much as a pair of Tim Allens on Home Improvement having a vague grunting match at each other before the 'let's be friends again!' cooldown hit. Pity I didn't have popcorn at the time. :D
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    A rather arbitrary discourse of the upcoming IE Expert Skyblock

    Heh, well like it or lump it, you created a useful new tool for making endgame material more interesting. Excessive and understandably unbalanced doesn't really matter when you're at the stage where literally everything else has basically become infinite. Most will never touch it. Some will...
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    A rather arbitrary discourse of the upcoming IE Expert Skyblock

    Well, you can always pick something for yourself as your ultimate goal. You could even argue obtaining The Guilty Pool in Expert Mode is worthy of proclaiming victory over. Unless there's something else that uses even that item in it's crafting, or other additional step of insanity, then I...
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    A rather arbitrary discourse of the upcoming IE Expert Skyblock

    Woe and woe! What misery lay before me that mine launcher doth continue such lacking of joys awaited? Alas, mine enjoyment is withheld for naught but the mysterious cause lay undetailed and left unto imaginary slights upon my person as much as may be perceived in my ignorance of truth... Ok...
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    Final Release of Infinity Evolved and 1.8.9 Development

    Hmm...the Lord of Bloodness appears to be taking something in absolute seriousness.
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    ftb infinity best power source?

    Raw power with visual impact and complexity in a single system? An oversized Big Reactor (beyond 11^3) feeding however many maxed out turbines. Compact and sneaky for the most part? Get a Wither grinder going for nether stars and use the 64x Nether Star Generator. If you need more power after...
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    FTB Infinity 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    In fairness, that is a matter of opinion. So far, every altered recipe I've seen in Expert mode has made sense in context. Granted, there are some things that seem a little funky in order to maintain the progression shifts, but overall, they remain a plausible interpretation of a highly...
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    FTB Infinity 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Looking at the last three pages of this thread kinda leaves me baffled. One of the biggest points to Infinity Evolved on Expert mode was to give players a real reason to develop extensive infrastructure and thought out bases. Doubly so if you're attempting to call down the ultimate gear with...
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    Not so weekly news

    I just intake for the caffeine. Glorious caffeine!
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    1.7.10 FTB Pack News

    Ah, indications of real progress. Yay! :D Just be sure nobody's snuck in some crushed pepper. Or habanero mustard. o_O
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    My way through Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI

    Hmm...combine this with Blood Magic and you can have one helluva teleportation network. Teleposers work across dimensions. I wonder of WayOfTime will work with...forget the name right now, but the author of TTKami for ultra-top tier supergear. Bound armor already integrates some TC abilities...
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    Not so weekly news

    Why are bananas radioactive?
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    Magical Crops - no essence ore?

    There is also essence plants to consider. I don't know exactly, but there was an update somewhere that moved the essence ore into plantable crops with the seeds dropping from tall grass. Maybe it's a config thing and depends on which you prefer.
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    Endgame noob hovel.

    If this is an anti-space thread, how is it being kept from coming into contact with normal space? Fear the annihilation of your sanity. :o
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    Endgame noob hovel.

    I'm not sure about this thread. Makes me feel like people are trying to break physics of minecraft so hard, it breaks real physics and we will all get sucked to the moon by some idiot with bad aim and a portal gun. o_O
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    Eyamaz wants to kill us all

    All the other stuff aside, BnB (certainly NOT bed 'n breakfast...well, break you fast...) is the most fascinating modpack experience I've had so far. Finally tossed the towel for waiting out 1.7 updates but not sure I could go to another pack again. The challenge to survive, combined with the...
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    Upgrading the Magnetostatic Engine

    I've taken to calling it an explosion of educated awesome. Mayhem by math, for another. :p Some of the outright craziest by power level stuff in any mod and Reika is seemingly just getting warmed up. :eek: You might try looking up Reika's YouTube channel. There are several helpful videos...
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    Blood and Bones pack starting strategies

    Kudos to Eyamaz in making a pack so painful, it's impressive. :eek: Only had a chance to try two maps thus far and both.....well, a few minutes into the night, I died. Horribly and gratuitously. Zombies broke down my very walls of wood! o_O The other...well, I'll just leave it at "lava...