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    Open Shift-Right Click Non responsive, Super Circuit Maker

    Hello! Thank you for your response, but when I tried it, it did not work, sadly :/ I've even tried to unequip everything from my inventory, but still nothing. Any more ideas?
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    Open Shift-Right Click Non responsive, Super Circuit Maker

    I hold nothing in either of my hands, yet I have the same problem as AytrusTekis: I cannot change the tiny redstone pile to output-mode. I've tried to restart the game, to no avail. Really annoying... :/ BTW: I'm using the 1.1.4 version of the Direwolf20 1.10 pack
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    Best of energy factories

    Hello all! So let's start a thread where you all post pictures / videos of your EU / MJ / etc. power creation and systems Let's see who's got the more efficient setup :)
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I am wondering if the FTB map is going to ever be updated
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    More efficient/completely safe nuclear reactor setups?

    DireWolf20 used this design right here: This design will run on the following settings: Eu/t: 2000 Efficiency: 5,56 Total output: 400 000 000...
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    Repairing Thaumcraft wands

    What does the Frugal enchantmet do anyways?
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    Solved FTB Server. Is there a Bukkit build?

    Hello! My question of the day is: Is there a Bukkit build for FTB / Are you guyes planning on making a bukkit build for FTB when it's fully released and done?
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    Portal gun map with the FTB modpack

    Thanks a lot :) Going to make it a but more difficult, and maybe I'll use some of the other mods(?) Adding them right now :) Thanks, I totaly forgot :P
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    Portal gun map with the FTB modpack

    Well then.. :) I have created a small Portal Gun map inside the FeedTheBeast modpack. This is a very simple map, but I'd like some feedback. Please post any here Download: Gun.7z This download includes: - Map - Rules and tips.txt...